Beaubelle Swissceuticals Doctor Defendo Review

 Beaubelle Swissceuticals Doctor Defendo 
Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream

Stem cell are known for their healing properties. In human, animals and planrs, stem cells has the ability of self-renew and can potential regenerate am entire organ from just a few cells. However, as we aged our cells self-renewal rate decrease.  

Description: Doctor Defendo formula is Beaubelle’s exclusive PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex, which is based on the regenerative and healing powers of botanical stem cells. These all-natural, anti-ageing properties, including the vital energy of the botanical stem cells are harnessed to increase cell metabolism and to encourage your skin cells to renew, repair and regenerate so your skin glows with freshness and vitality. When some people are described as ‘full of life’, it is because of the life force emitted from their healthy skin.

ReviewsBeaubelle Swissceuticals Doctor Defendo is skin renewal balm or cream for anti-aging. This cream is quite rich that comes in a plastic jar packaging. Thanks for the thoughts of providing the spatula. It is more hygiene to use spatula to scoop the cream from the jar instead of using our fingers. The scent for this cream is moderate with vanilla and flowery scent. This is a quite rich cream. I used Doctor Defendo together with the Beaubelle Swissceuticals DoctorOxygen. Both combine gives very good moisture to my skin. I can see my wrinkles on my neck especially became less visible and moisture level improved. This skin protect cream suitable for my dry skin but for oily and combination skin you might want to take note. 

Usage: It is recommended by the company to use this cream twice a day, for day and night. As for me I use only on night time only, for day time I use emulsion.

Texture: Rich cream in mild yellowish color

Scent: Moderate vanilla and flowery scent

 Beaubelle Swissceuticals Doctor Defendo Ingredients

Content: 50ml

Price: RM 288

Availability: Beaubelle Skin and Body Care Day Spas at Ikano Powe Centre (Tel: 03-7726 9889) and Starhill Gallery (Tel: 03-2148 4898) and all Beaubelle authorized outlets in Malaysia.

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