Avon Anew Clinical Proline Eraser Treatment A-F33

Avon launched its new ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment with A-F33, an industry first powerful molecule that is not yet available even to dermatologists. This newly discovered anti-aging molecule, Amino-fill33 (A-F33) promise to revolutionize the landscape of skincare, the quantum leap in wrinkle reduction.

Dr. Zhi Lu, Director of AVON Regional Research & Development

Dr. Zhi Lu, Director of AVON Regional Research & Development gave an impressive to 100 media and guests about the powerful molecule A-F33 in ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment. It helps to fights wrinkles delivering breakthrough results, creating a new gold standard in anti-aging. We are the pioneer 100 people that have the chance to experience the product.  

The Technology: Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research that looked at blocking mechanisms of protein production, ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment leverages the power of A-F33 Amino-fill, an innovative molecule that has been found in testing on skin cells to work in a way that other well known anti-aging ingredients like glycolic acid, retinol, and CoQ10 don’t; by deactivating critical collagen blocking in skin cells to help unleash untapped collagen.  ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment begins to reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles in just 14 days.

“Deep wrinkles start to be addressed in the first two week of use which is quite impressive for a topical anti-ager. The visual results of this product are impressive,” added Dr Zhi Lu, who holds a Ph. D. in polymer chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and MBA from Rutgers University.

Quick Review: Avon Anew Clinical Proline Eraser Treatment with A-F33
The texture is in between gel and cream, not too fluid not to thick. It feels matte and smooth after apply on the skin, comfortable, not oily and stick at all. Plus absorb very fast into the skin. After immediate application I can see my skin smoothen and pores became less visible. After two weeks of constant application daily I feel my skin is smoother and the not that dry anymore. The fine lines around my eye areas less visible. And helps to maintain my skin moisture.

The event was also attended by AVON ANEW Ambassador, Soo Wincci and Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment users, Maria Tunku Sabri and Nani Rostam. Check out their experience and comments after using the Avon Anew Clinical Proline Eraser Treatment with A-F33.

Soo Wincci, ANEW Ambassador, Miss World Malaysia 2008/09: “It absorbs quickly, and within days I was seeing improvements on my laugh lines and crow’s feet. I’m sharing this secret with all my fans!”

Maria Tunku Sabri, Celebrity TV Host: “When I smile, I noticed that fine lines around eyes, corners of my mouth and nose bridge seems to lessen. This product understands what we Asian women need. It’s simply SUPERB!”

Nani Rostam, Blogger & Housewife: “It doesn’t just fades away my lines; my skin is more moisturized than before, my skin tone is more even. My daughters kept complimenting, asking me where all my lines went.”

The host of the day is lovely TV Personality, Aishah Sinclair, the launch was held at Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel.

This breakthrough anti-aging skincare, Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment 30g will be available starting 1 March 2013 at RM159.00 (S&S RM182.85) per bottle. For more information, call Avon’s Toll Free Line at 1- 800- 22- AVON (2866) or visit http://www.my.avon.com


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