Vaping for Beginners 2022

The world of vaping can seem overwhelming to someone just starting. If you wonder where to begin, this short guide will get you heading in the right direction. 

Vaping for Beginners 2022

From the basics of electronic cigarettes to more advanced gear like the Suorin Vape Mods, vaping provides each person with their own experience. Let's get started!

Vaping: What Is It About?

Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling vapors generated by an electronic cigarette (E-cigarette) or some other vaping device (box mods, pens, tank systems, etc.). Those clouds come from juice (E-liquids) made from various levels of flavorings, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine.

Vaping itself has grown in popularity over the years as a smoking alternative or as a way to quit smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco. Those who vape describe a satisfying feeling from the nicotine in E-juice. They feel it is less harmful and the variety more enjoyable than traditional tobacco. It is convenient and discreet (especially if you "stealth mode") as it lacks the dangerous chemicals, smells, and smoke from cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes: How Does It Work?

Most electronic cigarettes have three components. That includes the atomizer, battery, and cartridge. Your battery generates heat through the atomizer, and it vaporizes E-liquids that come from the cartridge.

Today's E-cigarettes often use lithium-ion batteries that you can charge through an AC adaptor, car charger, or USB. The atomizer contains a heating element that heats the E-juice that makes contact with it as you inhale. A cartridge holds the liquids and is disposable or refillable.

Your electronic cigarette will vary in appearance and size, depending on the design. Devices can look like a cigarette or a rectangular box, like Suorin Vape Mods. You can customize many E-cigarettes, adjusting them to meet your needs.

How Do You Use Your Vape?

First, you need to get a device that matches your experience with your needs. Beginners should look for economical devices like Elf Bar BC5000 that are easy to use. That lets you experience vaping without committing to pricey and complicated models (save the customization for later).

Second, you want to find a flavor that you enjoy. Experimenting with flavors is part of the vaping experience. You also want to consider what strength of nicotine matches your needs. Beginners should start with lower nicotine levels, while experienced vapers and smokers trying to quit might seek a higher level. 

Begin with gentle and slow inhaling to get used to the sensations. Exhaling slowly and steadily will help avoid discomfort. Finally, learn to clean your device to extend its life and improve your enjoyment.

What Types of Vapes Are There?

Today's market is full of vape designs, but there are currently four popular types.

  • E-cigarettes are simple and easy. They often look like a cigarette that you activate by inhaling, using rechargeable batteries and disposable cartridges.
  • Vape Pens are a step up, with more features and limited customization. There are automatic and manual designs, and some provide temperature adjustments.
  • Box Mods (like the Suorin Vape Mods) are advanced gear that is highly customizable. These vary in shape and size, allowing you to adjust for temperature, voltage, and wattage.
  • Finally, Tank Systems are like longer-lasting box mods because of the built-in tank for your E-liquids. They hold more juice suited for making big clouds.

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