Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference? 5 Benefits You Should Know

If you're a newbie to golf, getting your clothing and equipment ready for your game can be a little perplexing as you need to prepare many things.  It's advisable to purchase golf shoes, so are they worth it? Do golf shoes make a difference? The short answer is yes!

They make your game more comfortable and enjoyable as they help your performance better while offering balance, stability, and style. If you want to get an in-depth explanation, it's best to dive into this article! It will show you the benefits and some types to consider. 

Let's get started!

Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference? 

Yes, because golf shoes will be beneficial to any player, regardless of skill level. They bring comfort, assist in keeping your feet clean, and improve overall performance by providing balance and stability. The following are the primary benefits these items provide any player.

Good Performance 

Golf shoes will improve overall performance throughout a golf round, whether a player can beat par or hardly reach 100. The final thing a player wants is to stumble in the center of a downward slope, which can affect the stroke and might also harm.

Investing in a good pair might make a big difference between having fun and having the best opportunity of achieving a good stroke. Besides, the weather and ground conditions are not always good. Thus, slipping is an avoidable problem.

Another factor to consider is that green surfaces are routinely watered during the summertime. Players who have good shoes will outperform those concerned about their footing due to a poor pair.

High Balance

Balance also plays a vital role in having a good performance. The purpose of these items is to keep the golfer balanced during the shot.

Most athletic shoes often don't feature the same wide bases as golf ones since these activities need more fast or continuous foot movement.

These products feature a more extensive base and a wide shoe bottom than other sporting footwear. A golf shoe's broader base aids in providing the necessary stability.

Because making a golf swing requires you to stand still, a more extensive shoe base is essential for the player to retain adequate balance.

More Comfort

Golf takes about four hours on average. You may walk a significant number of yards whether you jog or ride in a trolley. Throughout a game of golf, a player walking will walk an estimation of 7 (miles).

The player in the trolley will travel approximately 2 to 3 (miles) from the trolley to the ball, green, and tee box. For this reason, getting comfortable and waterproof golf shoes is suitable for long walks because they enable your feet to breathe and improve your performance.

Great Stability

Although you can play most shots from absolutely flat positions, it is not always the case as you hit a tee box. The undulations on a golf course vary, but a regular game round will include downhill and uphill lay and sidehill lies.

That's why it's critical to maintain stability so that you can have more chances to perform well and be safe. There is a lot of discussion about employing ground compressive force for the expert players in golf communities.

It necessitates a firm grip on the foot and the ability to move athletically to optimize distance, particularly with the driving.

Moreover, when you stroke a bat with your bare feet, you'll find that this action requires a lot of foot movement than you may think. The greater the stability these items can provide, the better performance you can achieve.

These shoes contain a built-in stabilizer on the arch's sides to prevent your feet from slipping or falling to the left or right. These products also have spiked types, which protect the foot from sliding about on the damp or uneven ground.

Nice Style

It's a good idea to purchase these products if you often intend to play golf. One of the most important aspects of a good pair is how they make you appear.

While others may not care, you always want to look good and feel at ease when you attend a match for a business or charity event.

A good style will assist you to blend in rather than stand out as someone who is absolutely out of touch.

What Are Some Types Of Golf Shoes? 

Golf shoes are divided into two categories, depending on the sort of grip on the sole: spiked and spikeless

The two types have both pros and cons. Let's take a closer look:

Spiked Shoes

Spikes are inserted through threaded holes on the bottom of the spiked sort.


  • They offer excellent grip, particularly on damp ground, because the spikes sink in and create a sturdy foundation for every swing.

  • They're water-resistant down to the lacing. As a result, this type is ideal for early rounds while the grass is still damp and after rain.

  • You can replace certain parts of spikes if you want. 

  • They are more durable than the spikeless type.


  • They are heavier than their counterparts. 

  • Spike replacement requires special tools and time. 

  • They are not as comfortable as spikeless types. 

  • You have to clean more regularly than usual. 

Spikeless Shoes 

The base of this type is shaped to increase grip without using spikes. 


  • They are incredibly comfortable because they don't have spikes. 

  • They are more lightweight than the spiked type. 

  • They offer more flexibility, which enables more breathability and movement.

  • They are stylish as they look like regular types. 

  • As they dig less into the ground, they leave fewer marks on the surface. 


  • They require regular replacement due to wear out in the grip.

  • You may slip in wet conditions because of the lack of spikes. 

  • They are not water-resistant.


Do Newbie Players Need Golf Shoes?

The answer is no. However, whatever level you are at, it's always best to invest in a good pair. 

Is It Necessary For Me To Wear Golf Shoes At The Driving Range?

Yes, particularly if you're striking from a grassy location.

When Should I Replace My Golf Shoes?

Most of these products should withstand 50 to 100 rounds, based on how you move and the circumstances you frequently play in.

Should I Choose Spiked Or Spikeless Shoes?

Although it's a matter of preference, you should buy a pair of spiked types. 

Wrapping Up

This article has eventually reached the end of your headache question: Do golf shoes make a difference? 

The answer is always yes! It's worth investing in a pair when you attend a course, whether a match or a practice.  These items will help you improve your performance, offer more balance and stability, make your feet more comfortable, and look like a fashionista. Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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