Important Tips On How To Choose An Air Filter For Your AC

The role of a quality air filter in your HVAC system can not be overlooked. It is easy to forget to clean or replace an ac air filter regularly because “out of sight is out of mind”. However, if the dirt or mould on your ac air filter accumulates, you are in potential danger.

Important Tips On How To Choose An Air Filter For Your AC

To choose an air filter for your home, you must consider the ac filter’s size, type and efficiency. This article will provide you with important tips on how to choose an air filter for your ac. A residential and commercial air filters supplier should have the filters we’d discuss so you can purchase one as soon as you’re done reading.

Types of AC Air Filters

These are the common AC filters:

Fiberglass Filters

These filters are single-use and are the most common. It is made of fiberglass strands or fibers that cover a metal or cardboard frame. The fiberglass then protects against these hazardous particles like animal dander. In spite of its lower MERV rating, this filter is still a viable alternative.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters

HEPA filters are tiny and regulated. A 'True HEPA' filter can remove 99.97% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger, HEPA filtration works differently than other types of filters. This air filter captures particles by colliding with other fibers, sifting, intercepting, or diffusing them into the filter media. But there’s a catch: due to their high cost, these filters require a professional contractor. If you have any pets or allergies, it may be quite expensive to have a HEPA filter installed. You should also know that while they are efficient, HEPA filters aren't always the answer. A HEPA filter may not be required in rural locations with pure air and no pets.

Pleated filters

Pleated filters, like fiberglass filters, use polyester or another fabric to filter. They can generally keep your home dust-free. With an accordion-style fold, the polyester cloth has a far larger surface area than flat filters. This is because larger surface area decreases airflow resistance and increases filter life.

Reusable Or Washable Air Filters

Reusable or washable filters are just that - reusable and washable. They are low intensity and cheap. The main problem with them is their MERV scores of 1-4, which are unacceptable in heavy pollution settings. The higher the MERV ratings, as we'd see, the more efficient the air filter. These air filters must be washed carefully to avoid damage. Mould and fungi can form on them if you don’t properly dry them before reuse.

AC Filter Sizes

When buying a new ac filter for your home, numerous considerations come into play.  The depth of an AC filter must be considered while calculating its size (Length x Width). One to six inches is the most usual depth. These are typical AC filter sizes:

10 X 20

14 X 20

16 X 24

18 X 30

12 X 12

14 X 24

16 X 25

20 X 20

12 X 20

Aside from this, there are several sizes available. So you can get a custom air filter for your home.  If you're unsure, check the dimensions of your old AC filter or consult your AC manual.

MERV Ratings Of AC Air Filters

To ensure that your equipment is protected, it's a good idea to know that there are several grade levels of air filters to choose from. A higher MERV number indicates better particle filtering i.e cleaner air. MERV stands for minimal efficiency reporting value. Both your indoor airflow and your indoor equipment benefit from this. Home heating and cooling systems typically don't employ MERV ratings that exceed 13. Airflow can be restricted by these high-MERV filters, reducing the pressure in your home's air system and putting your equipment at risk. When it comes to window air conditioners, ratings ranging from one to four are ideal. Filtration levels of five to eight are adequate for the average home, while those of nine to 12 are considered the best. When selecting a filter, it is crucial to verify the MERV rating of the filter before purchasing it.

In Summary

When choosing an air filter for your AC, it is important that you know the type, size and MERV rating of the one you're looking for. Please consult professionals at Custom Filters Direct if you're confused. Pleated air filters are best for your home AC and MERV Ratings of 9-12 are optimal. Good luck!

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