Fun Things to do Online, That Don't Involve Work

Here in 2021, it can often seem like our screenlives take over our real lives. Whether you’re working in front of a PC all day, glued to social media on your smartphone all evening, or just falling down the same old YouTube spirals, the screen and the internet dominate so much of our day to day lives. 

Fun Things to do Online, That Don't Involve Work!
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There are ways of using the internet that can actually be a bit more beneficial for your brain than 2 hours of cat videos and memes. Here’s a list of some of the most fun things you can do online that don’t involve work but will certainly unleash your creativity, boost your brainpower and enhance your life in the process. 

Make your Own Music
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Make your Own Music

The advent of the internet has given us instant access to decades of musical genres and artists. If you’re a music lover you could spend the rest of your life diving into the entire artistic output of your favourite performers online, but have you ever thought about making your own music? 

There are plenty of online tools that you can use to create your own music, many of which are completely free to use too. You don’t need to be a master composer to get started with them either; online synthesizers like Scribble will turn your scribbles into musical rhythms. 

Get Gaming

Much like your physical body needs to be challenged and stimulated with regular exercise, your brain needs a thorough workout too. Gaming is one of the best ways to challenge your mind and boost your brainpower and, thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to get started. 

There's a massive variety of gaming genres available online, from compelling puzzle games to digital versions of board game classics like Scrabble and even online slots and card games. Many of them are free to download or stream and play, even games that fall under the iGaming category are more accessible with free spins offers.

The positive effects of regular gaming have been documented by numerous scientific studies over the years, but on a very basic level, it can improve your coordination, short term memory, problem-solving skills and even improve your social life. 

Start a Blog
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Start a Blog

Ok, ok, this may seem a bit too much like work for comfort, but blogging really is a lot of fun to do. You can start a blog about your passions, your lifestyle, or anything that piques your interest. Plus, now that we live in the era of advanced technology, there’s a wealth of blogging platforms at your fingertips that will transform your words into engaging web content – no programming knowledge needed! You could even branch out into vlogging if you prefer pictures to words.

WordPress is, of course, the tried and true blogging platform and, as a CMS, it powers a huge percentage of the world’s websites. It’s free to use, unless you want a custom domain for your blog, but is still very affordable even with a subscription. 

If setting up your own blog seems like too much hard work, Medium is a micro-blogging site that you can use instead. It has a more journalistic focus than traditional blogging sites, meaning that you can post long-form articles on a wide variety of topics if you so choose. 

Become an Artist

If you’ve always wanted to dabble with art, why not give digital art a try? Like the other creative suggestions on this list, there are plenty of free to use platforms out there that will help you to create art projects for free. While you may not get the same results as you would with pen and paper, there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had from creating art online. 

The online painting app Kleki is a great one to try if you already have some skill with the paintbrush. Meanwhile, Autodraw, the AI drawing experiment, is not only fun for its novelty value. Pixilart is also worth checking out if you want to make something unique, as it provides pixel-based interfaces for you to draw or sketch over. 

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