Things To Do in the UK

The UK has a fantastic history, great infrastructure, top attractions and some of the best restaurants in the world, making it a highly desirable place to go and travel. Pre-Covid, the UK attracted 40 million visitors per year, making it one of the most popular countries to visit in the world. What is there to do in the UK? The UK is well equipped for all kinds of tourists, so whatever you are into, the UK will have something for you! Listed below are some of the best places to go in the country and a little information to help you along. 

Things To Do in the UK
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Pubs and Clubs 

One thing for sure is that, if you enjoy a few drinks in a pub or club, then wherever you are in the UK, you won’t have to go far to find a place to sit and enjoy a drink.

The UK is home to many traditional-style pubs that can be a few hundred years old! These places offer a great opportunity to take a closer look into British traditions and heritage. Northern Cities like York, Manchester and Liverpool offer a wealth of options. Ye Olde Starre Inn in York was established in 1664 making it over 350 years old! It has a lot of character and is a popular tourist spot.

If you are more into the clubbing scene, Manchester and Liverpool are regarded as the best cities in the North for this with several highly rated clubs like Hush and Funkademia.


If you like the thrills of the wheel or the intensity of blackjack, then look no further than the Hippodrome or Soho for your casino paradise. These places are luxurious, respected and glamorous. They provide you with everything that you would need for a good night out. TV’s showing all the sports, all the table action you could possibly require, top-class hotels and facilities and, of course, a great selection of all the best food and drinks on offer, to give you a truly memorable, fine dining experience. Check out for more information.

Sports Betting

Another plus when visiting the Uk, is that gambling is totally legal. As well as visiting the casinos mentioned in the last section, you can go online and enjoy sports betting. Whether you want to bet on Euro 2020, horse racing, Premier League football, cricket, or any other sport or event, you can do. Plus, using sites like, you can find the best free bets & bonuses offered by leading online bookmakers in the UK.

These sites will list the best bookmaker offers, welcome bonuses, insurance offers, sign up bonuses, and even give you enhanced odds on your first bets. If you have trouble finding the best online sportsbooks or bonus offers, you could do worse than visiting one of these handy online resources. Wherever you go to gamble, just make sure that you do so with full knowledge of the sport itself. Handicappers like Doc Sports can be helpful here as they can catch you up with all the goings on of the different leagues. 

Sporting Activities

The UK is world famous for sports. Whether it be the Premier League, Wimbledon, Horse Racing, Rugby or Cricket, the UK is home to some of the best athletes on the planet. Almost every city has a professional football team, so if you are in London, you could go and watch Chelsea or Tottenham, in the Midlands you will find Aston Villa or Wolves and, in the North, you have Liverpool, Manchester United and City, or in Scotland Rangers or Celtic.

A day at the races is always a fun experience and with 60 racecourses across the UK, you really are spoilt for choice. Race days are almost every day, giving ample opportunity to make it to a meeting. Take your chances with a bet if you want to experience the thrills of race betting, or, just enjoy the experience and get a true feel or British culture.

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