5 Possible Explanations Why You Can't Lose Belly Fat Despite Trying So Hard

Countless diet and weight loss solutions are available these days. You'll find any number of calorie-counting options on the market ranging from fad diets to stringent meal plan subscriptions that deliver ready-made foods right to your door. Additionally, several workout routines are being advertised, and fitness centers are offering an ever-growing range of options for those who want to work out and burn fat. On top of all that, a vast range of weight loss supplements line store shelves, each one promising to be the magic solution to all your weight loss needs.

5 Possible Explanations Why You Can't Lose Belly Fat Despite Trying So Hard
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Why Can't I Lose Belly Fat?

If you're on a seemingly endless quest for Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction solutions, you're certainly not alone. Millions of Americans are struggling along the same path. Unfortunately, quite a few ultimately find that all their efforts appear to be in vain. For many, there's a perfectly logical, scientific reason their weight loss and fitness goals constantly seem to be so far out of reach. Take a look at the following common causes of stubborn belly fat to find out why you may feel like you're fighting a losing battle.

1) Insurmountable Stress

Americans are reporting higher levels of stress than ever before. Though some people find that they lose weight when they're under stress, others notice that it interferes with their weight loss efforts for several reasons. For one, stress increases the body's cortisol levels. This notorious hormone makes it difficult to get rid of belly fat. At the same time, it often prompts us to seek out our favorite comfort foods, which also detract from our ability to lose weight.

2) Overzealous Weight Loss Efforts

Numerous people have made a conscious effort to exercise and count calories to help with reaching their fitness goals. As it turns out, many are trying a bit too hard. We need to take in and retain a certain number of calories just to survive and remain healthy. In some cases, people reduce their daily caloric intake to dangerously low levels and burn far too many calories through exercise. This tends to have the opposite effect of what you're looking for.

3) Insulin Resistance

In some cases, insulin resistance is the culprit in weight loss struggles. This condition causes the body to produce more insulin than it really needs. In turn, you're prone to high blood pressure, excess hunger, weight gain, and increased belly fat. Insulin resistance also makes it more difficult to lose weight via conventional means.

4) Leptin Deficiency

Research indicates that a hormone known as leptin helps to regulate hunger. As we age, our natural leptin levels decrease. That makes us feel hungry more often and leads us to need more food to feel full. Of course, that causes us to take in more calories than we need and counteracts anything else we may be doing to lose weight.

5) Belly Fat Is Just Stubborn

Our bodies naturally contain different types of fat. Some need to be there to keep us healthy. Others aren't necessarily required, but they're not difficult to get rid of, either. Certain types of fat are largely unnecessary, and they're also the most plentiful and difficult to get rid of.

Keeping the Fat at Bay

Those are some of the most common reasons so many people struggle to lose weight. Whether you're under more stress than your body can handle or are trying too hard to get rid of excess fat, all hope isn't lost. Try things in moderation, work to mitigate stress, and consider reaching out for help from the experts to make your efforts more successful.

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