How to Choose the Perfect Induction Cooker for your Home

Nowadays, most Malaysian homes are switching to induction cookers instead of the traditional gas cookers because it is proven to be much more efficient, this guide helps you decide the best induction cooker for your kitchen!

How to Choose the Perfect Induction Cooker for your Home

Size matters 

There are a variety of sizes available for your kitchen. The majority of them range in size from 30cm for single-zone hobs to 90cm for multi-zone hobs. To determine the proper size, consider how frequently you cook at home and how many people live with you. Cooking for a couple is not the same as cooking for a large family on a daily basis. 

There are also flex zones hobs, which provide multiple cooking zones in a smaller space. We strongly advise you to look for a hob with at least one large area to prepare those types of dinners that require cooking for more than two or three people. 

You will need to strike a balance between the number of people in your home and the available space in your kitchen, but don't worry, there are solutions for any situation. 

Advantages of power 

When it comes to choosing a hob, one of the most crucial factors to consider is power. Higher power will assist you in cooking the most difficult recipes and getting the most out of your meal for lunch and dinner. 

Each one has a varied total power of the hob. A 6.000W cooktop may be separated into cooking zones, allowing you to have one with 2.400W and another with only 1.200W. 

We recommend that you select a hob with at least one high-power zone to assist you with some recipes and finding the appropriate tenderness for particular meats and fish, which typically require high heat in a short amount of time. 

Maximum control 

Power is inextricably linked to control. The control panel flexibility in an induction hob is enormous because, when it works properly, it retains all of the heat while cooking. The notable thing here is to locate a hob that allows you to control every power level. Don't use the same power level for every recipe; this can cause issues with the varied cooking zones. 

You will save energy, time, and precision with your dishes if you choose to have complete control of the hob with a different slider for each location. 

Importance of safety 

A heat source, such as a hob, necessitates safety. It is much more critical if you have youngsters at home. Always choose a hob with a kid lock or an auto shut off. 

A cooking timer is another useful safety feature for a stove. In this case, it makes no difference if you start eating and then entirely forget to turn off the stove or the cooking area. 

You'll need enough area to cook on your hob, with enough distance between each control and induction zone so you don't burn yourself when you're too focused on your recipes: you'll need enough space to pay attention to each of your pots. 

Good and appealing: the right balance 

A hob must be useful, but it can also be attractive and modern in design. Look for those that complement the design of your kitchen. You have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, so do your best to discover the ideal hob for you. You might wish to go for black with sober, elegant lines or white with clean, practical lines. Straight lines, frameless, stainless steel framed... practically any option you can think of to fit in your home. 

It is also vital to consider the finish (beveled, framed, or unframed). Follow your instincts; you know what you need better than anybody else. Analyze the various options while keeping in mind that a hob is one of the most obvious items in a kitchen. 

Do it, but comfortably 

One of the most important benefits of an induction hob is its convenience. Choose a hob that is simple to clean after each usage.

Some hobs precisely heat the cooking zones, so you don't have to clean the entire hob every time you use it, and you can easily remove any food crumbs and wipe it with a clean cloth and some towel paper. 

Always ask for more 

But, if you're seeking for something else than standard induction hob models, keep reading. Boost features, which allow you to heat your cooking zone faster, may be a good fit for you. Alternatively, you may require that your saucepan reach the boiling point in a matter of minutes, as well as various cooking capabilities to achieve the precise temperature required by your recipe. You can request all of this and more because innovation is at your disposal here. 

Now that we've compiled all of the information about hobs, we're confident you'll find it easier to pick the correct induction hob for you. Allow innovation to work for you. 

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