Covid 19: How to Reopen Your Holiday Home Safely!

COVID19 has been very difficult for everyone - some more than others. It changed our lives, our perspectives and broke what we recognized as normal. During this time, the global economy suffered a lot. Millions of people lost their jobs while they dealt with a raging pandemic. Many business sectors suffered a lot but nothing more than the travelling and tourism sector. With absolutely minimum to zero movements, this sector has suffered heavy loss. This has wrecked the economy of areas that bank on tourism. So many people and their homes are dependent on this. Unfortunately, people had to bear the brunt of nature's wrath that came in the form of a virus. However, moving on is the quintessential characteristic of humans. It is astonishing what all they can bear. And since moving on is the mantra of life, we need to keep up our spirits and adjust to the new normal.

Covid 19: How to Reopen Your Holiday Home Safely!
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As the world starts getting vaccinated, there is hope for the tourism sector again. And when people start traveling again, you have to be careful. The virus will not disappear and even after vaccination, the lessons that this time has taught us should stay with us. Even after the pandemic has subsided. 

So what are the biggest lessons that this pandemic has taught us? That cleanliness can save lines. That is why when you reopen your holiday home gradually, you need to make sure to follow the protocols and do the right thing so that you can keep up with the new normal. This article talks about how to reopen your holiday home safely. 

1. Frequent deep cleaning: The only way to protect your holiday home from this virus and every other is if you keep your environment clean. Especially when your space is exposed to many people. Many people from all parts of the world come to your holiday home. That is why it is very important to get a proper vacation home cleaning as frequently as possible. This will also increase your chances of getting good feedback. Travelers remain a place by how clean and convenient it is.  

2. Install sanitization booths in all the entry points: It is very important to have sanitization booths at every entry point. Travellers haven't come to a destination to sit indoors all day. They will go out and no matter how careful and responsible they are, we already know how this virus works. So sanitizing hands before entering the home will be better. 

3. Don't allow shoes inside the rooms: This is a basic hygiene principle and is also followed in many cultures where people don't enter homes with their shoes on. But post Covid, we all might want to follow this since they might carry not just the virus, but many other germs as well. So, for their safety and yours, make a system where they can leave their shoes outside the rooms or homes. 

4. Check their travel records: Before booking a customer, check where all they have travelled. This might help you to understand what place they are coming from so that you can avoid taking in people who are coming from places where the number of cases is high or red zone areas. This might look bad for the business but will be good for you in the long run. 

5. Follow all the protocols set by the local government: It is very important, especially in business to follow the rule of the land. You don't want to disrupt the authorities and worse bring problems to people around you. That is why thoroughly follow all the protocols set by your local government. If it requires you to check-in vaccinated people only, do that. You will not only save your business but also lives. 

Thus, now that you know what is the post-Covid world way to reopen your holiday home, open it up gradually and carefully. Avoid being booked at all times. Don't focus on making up for the loss immediately. Things will fall into place eventually. But if you do things hurriedly- don't wait and deep clean your home between two different guests, then you will risk it more than ever. You need to do business much more responsibly now than ever before. It is the key to survival.

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