Army Themed Products For Kids Online as Gifts

Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays are always filled with heartwarming reunions and laughter. Everyone is joyous, and it’s when every member of the family spends quality time catching up with one another. For many people, the holidays are one of the most memorable times in the year that’s worth celebrating. Read more about giving back for the holidays on this site here.

Army Themed Products For Kids Online as Gifts

However, not everyone can celebrate the holidays. Some have deployed service members that require extra love and creativity. Both the adults and children are coping with these situations, and fortunately, there are specific things that the family can do to make the holidays more cheerful.

1. Make Mommy and Daddy Dolls

Younger children who miss the hugs of their daddies or mommies may receive the dolls as perfect gifts. They may end up calling these toys daddy dolls or hug-a-hero. This is for kids to cope up well with separation. Some of these baby loves include pillows, stuffed toys, and a lot more.

2. Wish Books

Wish books are pretty popular because everyone knows what they want, and they let the other members know what they need. Some of the gifts that can be purchased include deployment kits and comfort food packs. Others may want a phone call, gadgets to connect to, and a long-distance bedtime story. An e-card with a heartwarming and personal message could also work well.

3. Operation Toy Drive

Some military programs involved the distribution of meals to thousands of family members of military personnel. This program distributes gift cards and toys to families. You can visit your local stores during December and November to donate toys and be eligible for registration. The registration will usually depend on your location.

4. Camouflage Play Tent

These ideal gifts often come in compact storage from. You can check Kids Army for more toys that are easy to assemble. They can explore their imaginations when they have a pop-up tent that looks like a military truck for younger kids. Others will have camo face paint that can be removed easily by baby wives. These come in olive and black drab paints where the kids can play more imaginative roles during their free time.

5. Gift Cards

When you’re unsure what to purchase, you can get gift cards as a present to your family. They are excellent choices for the deployed member and the spouse that is home. They can include a full day at a massage spa, the fantastic dining experience at a restaurant, local entertainment like movie theaters, a visit to the museum, meal deliveries, and house cleaning services.

Consider the place where the military personnel are and get the cards for the shopping center available in the area to treat themselves to some new clothes. The kids will also appreciate military-style clothing and toys that they can play with during the holidays.

6. Sending Homemade Gifts 

If you are looking for ideal presents for the Christmas stockings, then the homemade ones can be ideal for every member of the family. They can be available in various shops, and you can do some stitching and personal message on them to make them unforgettable. You’ll also get free shipping from many delivery partners if you’ll be sending the gifts to your military spouse.

7. Camouflage Vests

Companies often manufacture vests for camouflage, and they come in over eight adjustable pockets. This is an ideal fit if you have kids aged 6 to 13 years old. The younger ones won’t also mind wearing the vests even if they are oversized if this is something fun and they see their older siblings doing the same. When you combine the vests with face paint, the complete look will make them almost unrecognizable while playing in the backyard. Learn more about the vests here:

8. Watches

This section is more on children. Military watches with adjustable straps are available for kids of all ages. Some may wear the bigger ones because they make them feel more connected with their moms and dads. Something that matches with the parents will make them feel bigger, and this can be a memorable gift that they may want to keep for years to come.

9. Army Men Bucket Playset

The old-fashioned army men toy sets are still relevant in today’s world. It will keep the children’s attention off the screens, and they can deploy troops, planes, and armored vehicles. A significant number of figures that they are getting can spark their creativity. Another thing with these toys is they don’t make lots of flashing lights and noises. The children themselves can make their own noises and imitate shots when playing around.

Gifts are Not Only for Families

Many children on Christmas eve expect to find presents under their pillows or socks. However, what about those families that can’t even afford a Christmas tree? This is where many programs in the military are made for the less fortunate kids, so they’ll receive a gift or two.

Marine and army volunteers often distribute to the children, and as citizens, some have donated their used books and new boxes of toys for the project. Some communities cover all 50 states in the USA, including Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.

These gifts can offer the children hope and a beautiful memory to go back to when they get older. Sports equipment, army clothing, books, games, and other things can make them aspire to protect their countries too.

If you imagine what a $10 toy can mean to a less fortunate child who doesn’t have a family, you may picture out hours of playing and laughing about this. Some may not believe that they can get something on Christmas Day. They don’t expect anything, and a single wrapped gift is something that they will remember forever.

With this said, it may be time for you to shop for these toys and clothes that can cultivate the children’s imagination and even give to the unfortunate. This is when the true meaning of the holidays becomes more memorable for everyone involved.

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