Here's Why Everyone Is So Obsessed With Turmeric

For many years, people have been obsessing over turmeric. It was once believed to be a medicinal herb, but now, more research has been conducted to establish exactly what turmeric can offer. 

Here's Why Everyone Is So Obsessed With Turmeric
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If you’re sat wondering why everyone is so obsessed with turmeric, and wish to separate the truths from the myths, we’re here to help. This guide will unravel the wonders of turmeric! 

What Is Turmeric? 

Turmeric is an ancient spice that is often used in curries to add extra flavour. It is also responsible for the classic golden colour that most curries hold. Food matters aside, turmeric was also used as a medicinal herb in India for many years. 

Why Do People Love Turmeric So Much? 

We’ve already briefly touched on the uses of turmeric, but let’s delve deeper into why many people love it so much. From digestive assistance to its remarkable taste, there’s lots to love! 

1. It Helps Your Digestive System 

While not many studies can prove the medicinal benefits of turmeric, a lot of research has gone into how it affects your digestive system. This research has shown that turmeric, when taken correctly, can support the digestive system. For this reason, turmeric supplements are available to take on a daily basis. These supplements often contain other vitamins to further support your body and its normal functioning. 

2. It Has An Iconic Colour 

As mentioned previously, turmeric is well known for its famous golden colour. While it is used as a main ingredient in curries for its taste, it’s also sometimes added in small amounts purely for its colour.

You’ll know if you’re dealing with turmeric, as the hues it gives off range from bright yellow to deep orange. This iconic colour is no doubt striking and puts a smile on anyone's face. 

3. It Tastes Great

We have good news for those that want to incorporate more turmeric into their diet - it tastes great! Depending on how much you use, expect to experience earthy and peppery hints. Some also describe the taste as bitter or musky. 

If you’re not a fan of spice, you don’t have to worry. While turmeric does have a spicy nature, it is nowhere near as overpowering as other spices. If you prefer mild meals, just add small amounts of the spice into your plate. It will deliver just enough flavour without becoming too strong. 

It Works With So Many Meals 

Following on from turmeric tasting great, you’ll be pleased to know that it also works with so many different types of foods. That’s right - you’re not just limited to curry! From breakfasts to drinks, turmeric works its wonders in many ways. 

Here are just a few of the meals that taste great when you incorporate turmeric: 

In curries

In smoothies

In golden milk, teas and tonics

In breakfast meals (porridge, muffins, pancakes) 

The list is endless, but the above four groups cover something for everyone! Although a spice, don’t be afraid to experiment with it in different ways.

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