7 Stylish Staircase Decorating Ideas

In most homes, when you enter through the front gate, you notice the stairs first. So, make sure to decorate a stylish staircase. As per the famous saying, a first impression is the last impression.

7 Stylish Staircase Decorating Ideas
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However, a staircase is one of the most awkward and challenging spaces to decorate in a home. Whatever layout you have, you likely have bare and dull walls that need a touch-up.

But, you need to be creative and intelligent for space utilization to avoid clutter while decorating the staircase. Here are some fantastic staircase decorating ideas that you can transform look in your home:

Wall Art For Staircase Wall 

You can brag about your artistic skills by adding canvas wall art on the staircase wall. It will bring a warm and lively vibe to your home. Moreover, it is also a cheap and easy way to transform the look of your stairs.

You can put your kids’ drawings or canvas prints on the stairs to make it look stylish and attractive. Just make sure that picture frames are of the same color or not more than two different colors like black and gold.

By hanging the prints with identical frames, you can achieve a clean and elegant design. You can take some staircase painting ideas from here. 

Create a Statement with Coordinated Colour

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Be bold while choosing a color for the staircase and create a style statement. But make sure to keep the color coordinated with other aspects. It will help you to achieve a cohesive color scheme. Kingdom Valley Society also lets you achieve dreams by offering the best investment opportunities in Islamabad. Those who have already invested in the property have also created style statements by incorporating a cohesive colour scheme in the interior designs. 

If you use a rich color on the walls, such as a striking blue hallway color scheme, try the same color for the rug runner or carpet. It will be enough to add a subtle yet impactful accent on stairs.

For example, a natural rush carpet coordinates well with the natural wooden banister. It will balance the neutral elements with the use of provocative bold color. 

Grab Attention with a Gallery Wall 

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A staircase is an ideal place for a stylish gallery wall. You can choose your favorite family pictures with matching frames and display them on a wall. The photo frames can be of any size. Mix and match them to create an attractive memory wall.

You can also decorate the wall of stairs by creating a family tree. It is a quite interesting and unique way of decoration while remembering your dearest people. The family tree as a wall décor will take your stairs decoration to a different level. 

Creative Ways to Decorate Stairs

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The first thing you see when you typically enter the house is a staircase. So it is essential to make it look nice and colorful. You can add inspirational quotes on stairs to make it look bright and unique.

You can also add a touch of your creative skills by drawing a mural on stairs. It is a quirky but excellent way to decorate the stairs, adding vibrant and bold colors. 

Keep the Style Simple

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Hallway near the stairs often feels limited in style due to lack of space. So, use natural wood in a hallway. It can promote a Scandi aesthetic that can transform the whole look.

Try to use minimum accessories to decorate a hallway. It will help to achieve the overall uncluttered and fresh effect. 

Brick Staircase Decorating

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You can construct a brick wall that will make the stairway looks stylish and unpretentious. The best thing about the brick wall is it goes with almost every color and material.

You can also paint the brick wall white or even with some bold color of your choice. It will help to achieve an appealing look. Moreover, you can also hang large framed wall art on a brick wall to enhance the aesthetics.

It is an intelligent way to reflect your personality and decorate in a unique yet simple way.

Wall Planters

Adding a natural touch to your interiors is always a good idea. It is pretty simple to do with just adding a few wall-mounted planters in your stairway. It can make your interiors look refreshing and gorgeous.

If you do not want to use original plants, you can fill in the wall with some faux greenery. It will add a touch of green and freshness on dull stairs.

Just make sure that there is enough sunlight; otherwise, the original plants will die in a day.  For extra impact, use the flower pots with the design matching the staircase design.

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Whatever you select for the stair wall decoration will set the tone and your personality for space. It even impacts the interiors around the stairs and hallway, depending on your space layout.

You can either make a cohesive look with the rest of the interior decor or style it to make its room entirely. Whatever you choose, be in yourself because ultimately, you will be the one looking at your décor the most.

Therefore, it should be first pleasing to your eyes.

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