Interior Design Trends from Around the World

Designs from Morocco, Japan, Spain, France, and Sweden have been particularly influential in interior design in recent years, and there are many designs styles from other countries that have inspired people around the world. As globalization and the internet brings us all closer together, many new styles combinations and trends have emerged.

Interior Design Trends from Around the World
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What is global style?

There is a new style which is referred to as ‘global style’, a style which has emerged through the lack of travel during the coronavirus. People are incorporating elements from other countries that may have inspired them during travel into the designs of their homes. From contemporary to traditional, chic, or minimalist – the pandemic has led many to redecorate or even renovate their homes and reimagine their space, sometimes in a different style. 

Interiors from around the world to inspire your designs. 

 • Moroccan

Many international interior design trends originate from Morocco, Canggu Home can assist you with Moroccan-inspired interior design. It’s no wonder that beautiful colorful lamps and ancient patterns of Moroccan culture have become widely used in many interior design projects.

“Today we see a movement in Morocco backing away from sterile soulless modernity. New life is being breathed into our ancient crafts such as metalwork, ceramics, and weaving and I’ve become a huge champion on our local handiwork! It seems that every designer in Morocco and elsewhere has a favorite craftsperson they go to when they need something personal and that tells an interesting story. It gives a sense of place to a home and a story of someone actually creating a piece by hand!”, interior designer Frank de Biasi told Elle Decor. 

 • Scandinavian

Designs from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway have influenced the designs and elements in households around the world for years now. Clean minimalist styles matched with natural elements such as wood furniture is often used to create modern designs that add a sense of comfort to a home. 

 • Japanese

Traditional Japanese interior design has long influenced designers in the UK and other parts of the world. Japanese minimalism is often referred to as Kanso – a style that allows people to create more space in a room by removing items and only leaving essential pieces of furniture. Various elements from Japanese styles have been borrowed by designers in other countries, such as the “Noguchi” rice paper lamps, named by Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

What is Japandi?

Lately, interior designers have blended styles from Japanese and Scandinavian design – a trend which is referred to as “Japandi”. Japandi combines minimalistic modern designs with neutral tones. As a result of the coronavirus and lockdowns, many people have embraced minimalistic styles in their homes to create a more peaceful environment. Neutral colors and fewer items in a home are thought to create spaces that feel more open and less cramped. 

This is especially true for smaller rooms and homes where less is often more. Creating a minimal style can even be cheaper, since it usually requires getting rid of items, instead of buying more. There are several other ways to incorporate minimalism. Adding fitted wardrobes to your bedroom will allow you to tidy away clothes and shoes, leaving a minimal, clean, bedroom space. 

There are many other influential interior design styles originating from Spain, Italy, and many other countries. When redecorating your home, you can add items to create one of the interiors at home, or go for a full interior makeover if you particularly love one style.

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