Thoughtful Ways to Surprise Your Best Friend

Whether you are going through a happy or a rough time in your life, having someone to turn to for support and share your experiences with can really come in handy. Besides leaning on your family, you can also rely on your best friend to be there for you whenever you are in need.

Thoughtful Ways to Surprise Your Best Friend
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According to science, there are plenty of ways how your friends can affect your life. From alleviating stress to giving you a sense of belonging, having a close pal can certainly have a good impact on your overall well-being. And because your best friend will do just so much for you, it seems only right that you honor them properly for it.

One way of doing that is to surprise them with the perfect gift or perfect day that will show how much you appreciate them being there for you. Here are some thoughtful ideas on how to brighten up your pal’s day. 

Matching Clothes  

Best friends usually have a lot in common and that includes their fashion tastes. No matter where they are going, there is a great possibility that they will wear similar outfits.

So, if you and your best friend are doing this, then it seems only right that you get matching clothes to enhance the bond you have with yourselves and with each other. For example, tops with a Christian slogan that expresses your inner beliefs like the It Is Well With My Soul Shirt can be a perfect surprise gift for your friend. You can get it in the same color and embrace your friendship in a lively way.

Twinning Sunglasses 

I personally find that wearing the same stylish sunglasses and take memorable photos with your best friend is fun too. For this, you can search Glasses online nz to get yourself and your best friend a pair of sunglasses for each. 


Another thoughtful way of honoring your best friend is by giving them a piece of jewelry. This is such a sentimental gift which will undoubtedly show your pal how much they mean to you. The great thing about this surprise idea is that you can engrave the jewelry piece however you want and design it in a way that will best suit your friend’s personality and style.

For example, you can get a matching Best Friends Forever bracelet or a friendship ring engraved with the date when you first became friends.


If your best friend is a huge plant lover, then you also have the option of surprising them with a beautiful indoor plant. There are so many varieties out there, all of which symbolize different things and will certainly bring happiness to your pal.

For example, monsteras have recently become a very popular choice. There are many types of monstera plants which have vibrant green colors and perforated leaves that come in many sizes. If you want, you can place the plant in a customized pot to make the entire floral arrangement more personal and creative.

Lunch date

With the busy lives you and your best friend are living, there is a great possibility that you don’t see each other that often. However, you can easily change that by inviting your bud on a surprise lunch date to catch up and have a good laugh.

You can either show up at their work and offer to take them to lunch on their break or simply arrange a date once a week where you can get together and catch up.

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Spa day

If you want to go a step further with your surprise, you can organize a full spa day with your best friend. Not only will you be able to spend quality hang-out time together, but you will also have a chance to relax and celebrate your friendship.

You can search for spa centers that offer many treatments such as full-service salons, steam rooms, saunas and massages. To make it more fun, grab a glass of champagne and have the best time enjoying each other’s company. 


If you are looking for a personal way of showing your love and appreciation to your friend, then you can consider making them a scrapbook of all your time spent together. In general, scrapbooks are regarded as customized photo albums that also include drawings and all kinds of memorabilia that represent your close friendship with your bud.

You can begin your scrapbook with pictures of your first hang-outs and adventures together and work your way to the present time. Give it to them on their birthday or on your friendversary. 

A surprise party

You don’t need to wait for your friend’s birthday to organize a surprise party for them and show how thankful you are for their unconditional love and support. You can invite all of their closest friends and fill the day with plenty of activities to do in order to have the most fun.

Choose a location that is special for your friend and decorate it with a theme that best represents their personality. Don’t forget to bring your thoughtful gift and make your friend feel like the royals they are. 

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Best friends are a true gift in life so it is important that you celebrate them the right way. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise them with a meaningful present in order to show them a sign of respect and appreciation for being there for you.

From giving them a piece of timeless jewelry to arranging a lunch date, you have plenty of options on how to honor your pal and brighten their day.

If you need inspiration, borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and fully embrace your friendship.

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