Retro Fashion Trends That Are Set To Make a Comeback

Fashions come and go. However, some fashions have a timeless appeal that means they pop up again, even after decades have passed. No matter how modern the world becomes, these fashions keep coming back. Designers are always inspired by retro and vintage designs, frequently including these themes in their latest creations.

Retro Fashion Trends That Are Set To Make a Comeback, Retro Fashion, Fashion Comeback, Fashion
Retro Fashion Trends That Are Set To Make a Comeback
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Let’s take a look at some of the retro fashion trends that are set to make a comeback.


The fashion for denim comes back every five or 10 years because people cannot get enough of it. Ripped denim was a major trend in the 80s and it hasn’t lost its appeal. 30 years ago pretty much everyone had some ripped denim in their wardrobe and you’ll still find ripped denim jeans and jackets in most fashion stores today. The difference is, we’re now seeing this trend on new styles, from slim boot-leg jeans to loose styles.

Bum bags

The bum bag is a useful accessory that first appeared in the 80s and was popular through the 90s but slowly lost its popularity. Now, however, it’s back in fashion and you’ll see people rocking these hands-free bags everywhere! These give you a lot of freedom and are very convenient and fashionable.

Modern bum bags have necklace straps that are worn around the neck, perfect for a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. You can carry your essential items like your mobile phone and keys in these handy accessories and some bum bags have a bottle holder and pouch. They’re also super secure as they sit close to your body.

Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin gloves are seeing a resurgence and it’s easy to see why with their beautiful texture and high level of comfort. You will notice people wearing them on casual, semi-formal, or even formal occasions, to stop chilly temperatures getting their way of having some outdoor fun. These gloves will not only look great but also provide the protection you need during cold weather.

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves first appeared in the late 1800s and have popped up in the latest fashions many times since. Modern puff sleeves are more elegant than ever before. Tops featuring puff sleeves look awesome with flared pants and high-waisted skirts. In the fashion shows this year you’re sure to see puff sleeves in coats, blazers, tops, and dresses.


Polka-dots are a fun print to wear in any season. The polka-dot first became a key trend in the 1940s and have continued to hold their place in fashion shows ever since. This year is no exception - you can watch the models walking the runway in polka-dot dresses, skirts, tops and even pants. In modern trends, you’ll see polka dots in various sizes and in a range of fabrics from cotton to silk.

Hot pants

If you want to show off your body, few pieces beat a well-fitting pair of hot pants. Hot pants first shocked conservatives in the 50s and has been in fashion ever since. You will surely turn many heads when you walk down the street such an attractive piece. These days, you’ll find hot pants in a range of solid colors as well as exciting prints that look

Crop tops

Crop tops were popular in the 1930s and 40s and are a sexy and trendy look, especially if you have a slim waist. Crop tops look amazing with a skirt or a pair of high-waist, wide-legged pants and are sure to give you an instant confidence boost. Crop tops with long sleeves are an interesting twist that look phenomenal.

Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms remind us of the pop stars of the 70s. You probably won’t believe that these started out as a naval design for sailors, and only became part of mainstream fashion later. Bell-bottom pants are set to make a comeback, not least because they make your legs look longer while making your hips look smaller. These versatile items are also perfect for both casual and formal wear. You can check out some of these bell bottom pants at

Black leather jacket

This is another piece of clothing that never seems to go out of fashion. Leather jackets are eternally popular with all genders as an easy way to give you an edgy look. This kind of jacket is so versatile that you will look good no matter how you wear it.

These are just some of the retro fashion trends that you will see this year, not to mention in coming years. Many fashion designers look to present vintage fashion with a modern twist to appeal to new generations. 

So don’t be surprised if you see the models in tomorrow’s fashion shows wearing 70s pants or 40s dresses. Certain trends keep coming back due to their strong and lasting appeal, and you’ll be able to find many of these fashions not only in the stores of top designers, but also in charity stores.

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