What Should You Understand About Hip Pain Management in Bowie?

From overdoing an exercise routine to age-related hip issues, there will be simple explanations for hip pain most of the time. And when it comes to Bowie, it goes without saying. With 14.8% of the population in the city being 65 years or older, the most probable cause of hip pain for this age would also be osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

What Should You Understand About Hip Pain Management in Bowie?
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However, long-term hip pain can be caused by specific conditions. But with so many different treatments available for pain management in Bowie, you no longer have to worry about it affecting your daily life. Read more to know about hip pain management procedures in Bowie.

Causes of Hip Pain

Some of the significant causes of hip pain include:

● Infection

● Hip Fracture

● Spinal Stenosis

● Sickle Cell Disease

● Bone Cancer

If your hip pain constantly persists even after two weeks, it is time you visit a local pain center to know more about your condition and corrective treatment for it.

How Does Pain Management Work?

If you have been living in Bowie, you won’t be a stranger to the picturesque community parks bustling with activities and sporting events. After all, Allen Pond Park is a temptation for nature-lovers from all over the country.

But, if you find yourself with constant hip pain, it will eventually rob you of the joys of living in such an engaging neighborhood. And the only way to find some relief and a permanent solution is to consult a local pain management physician in the city.

The physician will examine your hip to determine the cause of pain and prescribe a suitable pain management treatment to alleviate the pain.

Some of the commonly used hip pain management programs are given here.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy involves a multi-faceted team approach to treating hip pain. The physicians working with you during the treatment will help you understand the root cause of the hip pain and collaborate with other care team members to develop a detailed treatment approach.

Be it pre-operative or post-operative physical therapy, the treatment will train your muscles and prepare you to play a full-fledged baseball game at Prince George's Stadium.


Injections are a form of pain relief treatment that is generally prescribed to help alleviate pain and diagnose the cause of pain.

For instance, if the specialist notices immediate relief from pain as soon as a numbing drug is injected into the joint, they will confirm that the joint is the source of pain.

In pain relief, intra-articular injections, Trochanteric Bursa injections, or Psoas injections are administered depending on the nature and type of hip pain.


For specific hip pain diagnoses, surgery becomes an inevitable option for pain management. For example, if the hip fracture is the underlying cause of your hip pain, then surgery can repair the hip.

Similarly, if you suffer from an extreme case of osteoarthritis, then your physician may suggest you undergo total hip replacement surgery.

If your hip pain is affecting your movement or hindering your everyday life, it is time you seek out an expert in pain management in Bowie. Contact a pain management center in Bowie right away and schedule an appointment for a consultation.  

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