6 Tips to Keep Your Kids Bedroom Neat

As a parent when you have a child or children above 1 year then you most likely have more than one bedroom in you house. Putting the kids’ bedroom in order can be a source of stress to parents and guardians. Books, toys, clothes can be all over. But whether they are sharing a room or have separate rooms, one thing we all agree is that it has to be arranged and neat, cleanliness is next to godliness remember. 

6 Tips to Keep Your Kids Bedroom Neat
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One important thing that should however not be missed is the involvement of the kids in all the processes in keeping their room tidy. 

Involving the kids in cleaning gives them a sense of ownership which in turn also helps in making them keep the room clean as they feel they own it. 

Here are 6 tips on how to keep our little one's private space in order. 

1. Sorting out the clothes 

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Sorting out the clothes is a good place to begin with first. Torn clothes, small unfitting clothes and clothes which are no longer being used need to be removed to create space for those being used. Those not being used but are in good condition can be donated in mutual agreement with the kids. These will reduce on the crowding and leaves space for those in good condition to be put in the storage spaces.

Dirty clothes also need to be separated and put on designated places different from the clean ones  

2. Cluster bins 

Create space for cluster bins to throw away stuff not being used. This can be broken toys, torn books or even torn pieces of clothing. 

The cluster bins can then be emptied at regular intervals to avoid pilling. 

If it’s a room being shared by two siblings one bin can be used to used by both for example to store dirty clothes so that we don’t have bins all over. 

3. Be creative with the Storage

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Because space can be limited in most instances we have to find ways of utilizing the available space to include storage space. 

One creative way is creating room under the bed for storage. By occupying the space under the bed you in turn also reduces the probability of it being used a dump place for other items. 

Vertical storing of clothes and even beddings is also another way of saving space. Pilling them on top of each other in neat columns is an ultimate space saver. 

Another good way of increasing space for example in the wardrobes for storage, is avoiding the use of hangers. 

They tend to take more space for little clothing. 

This can be substituted by making shelves for clothes to be folded and put on instead in the places the clothes were to be hung. This will accommodate more clothes.  

4. Taking out what is not being used

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After a mutually agreed period of time, let’s say 3 months, as the guardian you can come in with a different bin and collect what is not being used for disposal or even donation. 

Broken toys can be thrown away. 

Torn clothing can also be taken away. 

5. Designated places for everything 

You can designate different bins put at different places for the different things in the room. For example a bin under the bed can be used to store the toys, a bin behind the door for dirty clothing and a bin under their study table for disposable stationery. 

This, in turn, brings order and minimizes the throwing of everything everywhere. 

Marking the bins creatively also adds a little fun to the creation of a clean environment. 

The purpose for the bin behind the door- storing dirty clothes can be marked with a mark hanging on the doorknob with a drawing of a dirty piece of clothing. 

A sticker can be put on the bed indicating the storage under it for toys and so on.. 

6. Utilize hand me downs instead of buying every time 

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Another way of reducing the stashing of clothes is the handing down of an older sibling's clothing as opposed to buying every time. 

Kids especially tweens and teens are in a rapid growth stage and outgrow clothes fast. 

Those in good condition can be handed down to their younger siblings. 

This not only saves money but also the much-needed space

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