Birthday Jewellery: Birthstones and Personal Gift Ideas To Consider

Birthdays are one of the most special and highly anticipated days of every year. What makes this day even more exciting is the gift-giving part. You wouldn’t want to be such a grumpy complainer, but you’d appreciate it if someone gives you something special on your birthday. There is no doubt that you’d do the same for others. You’ll make an effort to pick a special gift for your family or friends, and birthday jewellery is something that you should consider. Gifting someone with birthday jewellery that comes with the right birthstone will make your birthday gift even more special.

Here are some gift ideas to remember when shopping for birthstone jewellery:


You can show some love to someone born in January with a gold ring studded with garnet gems or a gold name necklace with a garnet pendant. Garnet’s deep red color oozes with love and passion. You can show some love to someone born in January with a gold ring studded with garnet gems or a gold necklace with a garnet pendant. Yellow gold excellently complements garnet’s deep crimson hue. But if the birthday celebrant is fond of lighter hues, a pink rhodolite garnet on a rose gold ring or necklace is also equally captivating. 


You can make a February baby feel like royalty by gifting a piece of amethyst jewellery from online stores like Stoned Crystals. Amethyst is part of the quartz family and is known for its regal deep purple hue. Purple is considered as the color of royalty as only members of the nobility and royal families get to wear them. This birthstone also signifies courage, wisdom, luck, and good health. So, you’re wishing for a family or friend with the best things for their birthday by giving amethyst jewellery. Amethyst looks splendid on hoop earrings, rings, and necklaces.


Watching a calm sea can give any spectator a sense of peace, serenity, and clarity. The aquamarine birthstone is said to bring these to March celebrants. With its clear aqua blue color, it can go well with other gems like diamonds and sapphires. It also signifies harmony for marriage so giving a pair of aquamarine rings to a birthday celebrant who is about to walk the aisle is an excellent gift idea. Aquamarine studded earrings also look elegant and pairing it with an aquamarine pendant necklace is an amazing gift for a lady born in March.


Nothing lasts forever, but diamonds are an exception. It’s the most durable gem on earth, so aside from being a symbol of wealth, it can also represent strength and eternity. Its absence of color also signifies innocence and purity. You may give diamond jewellery to someone special on any occasion, but a friend or family born in April deserves to have diamond rings or a pair of earrings for their birthday.


A special someone, a friend, or a family member born on May has emerald as their designated birthstone. This deep green-hued gem is said to give hope and protection to its wearer. Green is also associated with wealth. So you can give your May celebrant with an emerald-studded gold ring or earrings.


The deep sea has so much to offer, and pearl is among its most precious treasures. You may not need any occasion to make someone feel extra special with pearl accents, but a June-born friend or family will greatly appreciate it more. It is their birthstone after all. Pearl jewellery is a classic when it comes to achieving an elegant look as it goes well with any gown and skin tone. You can adorn your June-born wife or girlfriend with a pearl necklace that comes with pearl earrings and a bracelet on her birthday.


Ruby is most identified with its blood-red hue that is why it’s also associated with passion, love, and vitality. It’s no wonder that this gem is also reminiscent of feisty and strong-willed individuals. Although these qualities don’t apply to all individuals born in July, ruby remains a birthstone for people born in this month. You can make a July lady extra happy with a gold ring that has a ruby pendant or go bold with a ruby pendant necklace.


Ageless beauty is what you can gift an August birthday celebrant with a peridot gem jewellery. This August birthstone has an olive green color that also exudes prosperity and good luck. A pair of peridot accented gold drop earrings or peridot necklace are the perfect gift ideas you can give for an August friend or loved one.  


Contrary to its fiery-sounding name, sapphire exudes a cool deep royal blue color. This September birthstone is also said to bring wisdom, royalty, creativity, and hope to its wearer. Some perfect gift ideas for a September celebrant include a silver or white gold necklace, ring, or earrings. Although sapphire’s blue color shines best with silver and white gold, it can also look more regal with yellow-gold, so a sapphire accented gold necklace or ring is also a good option.


People born in October are in for a treat with their birthstone. Opal doesn’t just have one but multiple or rainbow colors. Its vibrancy is said to signify happiness, success, faithfulness, and confidence. Due to its iridescence, it can go well with any outfit and can shine its beauty on silver, white gold, and yellow-gold. This means that you have the option of giving your October loved one with opal-studded gold earrings, a white gold opal necklace, or an opal-studded yellow-gold ring.


Although November starts with Halloween, November celebrants aren’t in for grim and gloom when it comes to their birthstone, which is citrine. Citrine is a dark yellow gem that exudes joyful energy since it has the same color as the vibrant sun. Some wonderful birthday jewellery gift ideas for a November-born loved one are a citrine accented gold ring, gold drop earrings, or gold necklace.


December is all about blue birthstones. You can either have turquoise or topaz as accents on birthday jewellery that you can give a loved one born in December. Blue turquoise and topaz speak of friendship, tranquillity, and success. An excellent gift idea is a pair of beautiful silver topaz earrings or a white gold turquoise ring.

A simple birthday jewellery gift becomes extra special when it bears meaning to it, and birthstones do just that. It’s gorgeous, elegant, and has sentimental value. Jewellery may be a thing of luxury, but it’s something that lasts for years and can be worn all the time. This means that the significance of the birthstone and the effort of the giver will always be remembered and appreciated with the simple gesture of gifting a loved one with birthstone jewellery.

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