5 Coats Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet

There some fashion essentials that every girl deserves to have in her closet. We all know the basic white t-shirt, pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of sneakers. However, how many of us have the necessary coats and jackets to complement our different looks. A good coat is necessary especially when you are layering and need that final wow factor. You can have a closet full of all types of clothes but without the right finish, your look might just be a meeh on a good day. Coats come in handy when you need something to take your outfit from seen it to who s her stylist, you know? Take a look at our 5 must have coats that are both functional and stylish.

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A jean jacket

Denim is one of those items no fashionista should lack. This classic jacket is quite versatile and allows you to throw it over all sorts of looks. Denim is especially fabulous for spring or summer when the sun is bright and fashion is vibrant. Regardless of the look you are going for, the classic denim jacket has you covered. 

You can throw it over your black fitted pencil pants, a tucked in t-shirt and a sexy pair of ankle boots for that ideal casual look. Once you find the right fitting jean jacket, I promise, your style will never be the same. It is hands down of my favorite coats and accessories that add just right amount of Badassery without losing that stylish touch.

Faux Fur
Fur is one of those staples we all need whether as a coat, boots or hat. If you’re reluctant about wearing our furry friends, you could simply get faux fur that is just as fabulous. Fur coats are one of those diverse options that go well with almost every look. You can get this coat in multiple lights and designs depending on your style and tastes. 

I like oversized teddy tucker fur coats which I wear with cute dresses and nerdy boots. You may go a different route with fur and maybe choose a more edgy look with the faux fur crop jacket designs. My favorite thing about fur coats is how well they suit different looks and styles. Why not try on a faux fur panel gilet with a long sleeved crop top and a sexy pair of jeans for that chic mordernesque vibe.

Leather jacket

The biker jacket is not for the meek. This is an iconic stable that has earned its place as a must-have in all our closets. No other jacket can pull off that pizzazz that you get from a leather jacket. Whether you choose to go with a classic black jacket, or you love to experiment with reds and browns, you cannot go wrong with this coat. A well-fitting leather jacket will not only serve you for a long time, but the look never gets old.

All you need to do is switch up your outfits and pull them together with some leather. This jacket is especially great for evenings and nights in the hot seasons. You can alternatively wear it throughout the day in cold seasons: keeping warm while looking fierce. For the record, men look sexy in a leather jacket but nothing beats a lady in leather.

Camel coat
Sometimes I just want to look stylish and elegant, like Meghan Markel in every one of her pictures. Sure you can have the fancy tops and dresses and cute shoes, but the secret is in the coat. Have you ever noticed how many looks are transformed from simple to astounding with just a camel coat? 

Well, that is what I like to call the power of the camel coat. A good camel coat is necessary for every woman looking to elevate her look and give it that high end feel. Adding a camel coat to your wardrobe should be on ever woman’s fashion bucket list. I especially love a good camel coat over a subtle yet elegant black dress with some stilettos. This is one of my recommendable outfits for fancy dates; I like to call the stunner. It has a certain essence you can’t get anywhere else.

Rain coat

Well I prefer to use an umbrella, is what most people think, but you may want to reconsider. Rain jackets are one of those items you hardly ever remember until the April showers come along. However, they are a beautiful accessory and when styled correctly, a raincoat could do wonders for your look. Plus, you fond have to worry about your hair getting frizzy from the rain. 

Rain coats come in all manner of shapes, sizes and color. Apart from staying warm, dry and comfortable, you can throw these jackets on for a color pop. I added the raincoat to the list, not because it is very functional, but it is an unsung fashion hero that most of us ignore. I once added my mustard yellow raincoat over a pair of jeans and my black sneakers and my entire morning was filled with uuus, aaahhhs and where can I get that type of compliments.

A bonus coat

It should be quite clear that I am obsessed with coats. I decided to throw in a bonus jacket for your closet. Recently, I got a puffer jacket that I am obsessed with. They are not only a trendy option, but these jackets are quite warm. It’s like wearing a duvet, AND IT IS COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE. I especially love the fact that you can get them in all sorts of bold colors to match your bold looks.

If you don’t already have one, then it might be time to go shopping. These jackets might be what your outfits have been lacking. You can start off by checking out some various options online; see what you like before you make a final decision. Lily Lulu for example carries a variety of furs if that’s what your closet is lacking. You can make a checklist and have fun with it as you shop for these stylish coats for your wardrobe.

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