Planning a Personalized Group Tour to America West Coast

Miles upon miles of beautiful coastline spanning across sprawling metropolises, beautiful forests and golden beaches, the west coast of America is one road that could sate anyone’s wanderlust. Road trips are a great way of exploring while bonding with your companions. Travelling in a group can be quite fun and it also helps in cutting down costs. It is also a great way for the elderly and the differently abled to enjoy some quality leisure time and to interact with others. In case you are travelling in an eclectic group with differently abled people, you should charter bus rentals that are wheelchair accessible.

Here are some things you absolutely must do when on a west coast road trip:

1) Seattle

Seattle, the home of grunge music, Starbucks and Boeing is as American as it gets! You can spend all day roaming in the city and taking in the glorious sights. The city is also famous for its various microbreweries that serve the many entrepreneurs, artists and corporate workers that reside there. It happens to be a major starting point for most west-coast road trips and you too could give your trip an auspicious start. If you are the adventurous type, then you must climb the space needle for brilliant views of Mount Rainier which overshadows the city.

2) Portland

This city in Oregon draws hipsters, activists and coffee enthusiasts from all over the country and you should consider taking a break here. Rightfully considered the liberal heart of Oregon, this city does not believe in haste. When in Portland, you must not rush and follow the city’s idyllic pace. Portland makes for a good pit stop due to its location and the welcoming vibes it gives. Moreover, you must explore the art, theatre and music scene which is quite lively.

3) Redwood National Park

This ancient forest in California is living history. These gigantic trees are centuries old and some of them even predate the Roman empire. Hiking or even driving through these woods is a blissful experience and these gigantic trees are definitely a sight worth seeing. The tallest of them can be over 100 meters high and might outlive us all! One can also drive through the trunk of the Chandelier tree which happens to be broad enough for a road to be carved through it.

4) Big Sur

Big Sur is a rugged and rocky part of the coastline which is known for its dramatic scenery and happens to be one of the most loved stretches for a great road trip. The area has been described vividly by various writers and artists and the panoramic view of The Pacific Ocean with abrupt mountain ranges is something you wouldn’t want to miss. They say that the journey matters more than the destination; that is definitely the case with Big Sur. This largely isolated area is dotted with beautiful beaches while the road itself separates America from the Pacific.

5) Santa Monica

The most famous pier in one of the most famous locations in the world, Los Angeles, Santa Monica has been well catalogued in various books and films. The long promenade is home to many celebrities and, Hollywood executives. You can just lounge around in LA’s most famous beach which goes all the way to Malibu. This is also the home of Muscle Beach and the boutiques at the third street promenade.

The American west coast has inspired many artists, writers and filmmakers and your road trip along it should be cathartic if nothing else. Always make sure to plan your trip itinerary and if you are travelling in a group, make sure all members are accounted for. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure safety during traveling.

Bon voyage!

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