The Hottest New Developments in Skin Care

The last few years have been huge for developments in skin care, and this year is set to be no different. Let’s take a look at some of the sure-to-be skincare heroes for the rest of this year and beyond!

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Personalized skin care

Personalized skin care is taking a huge step forward this year, with apps and software designed to algorithmically determine what your skin care needs are based on your answers to a set of questions. These questions include any specific concerns you may have, your skin type, your current routine, and lifestyle-related questions such as workout routine, weather, job and where you live. The algorithm then uses these answers to create your perfect skin care solution.


CBD is having a real moment, and showing no signs of slowing down – brands are now firmly on the bandwagon. It makes sense, as CBD has long been known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and inflammation, such as acne, is the enemy of healthy skin. CBD also contains soothing vitamins A, D and E.

3D Printing

Yep, 3D printing. Some beauty brands are solving the problem of sheet masks that don’t fit by working on creating customized, 3D-printed face masks that are designed to fit the specific contours of your face, as well as addressing your skin concerns with custom ingredients entered via an app. They’re not available just yet, but watch out for them in the near future.

Microneedle Patches

While most people have been swearing by pimple patches and acne stickers for years, the microneedle patch is about to steal their gig. These patches packed with tiny microneedles are an even better treatment for breakouts as the tiny needle points allow the acne-fighting ingredients to be delivered to the skin more evenly, reducing the pimple faster and preventing the dryness that comes with many acne products.

Polyhydroxy Acids

If you’re serious about skincare, you may be familiar with different types of chemical exfoliator. Until now, the best-known have been alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acid (BHAs). These work to exfoliate the skin using chemical reactions, rather than manually like sugar scrubs and other products. This is a much gentler way of exfoliating the skin.

The new chemical exfoliator on the block is the polyhydroxy acid, or PHA. These are gentler even than AHAs and BHAs as they have a larger molecular structure. If you have sensitive skin, these are about to be your new Holy Grail. PHAs are also a humectant, and draw moisture into the skin while they exfoliate.

Plant-Based Alternatives

Plant-based alternatives are on the rise in many aspects of our lives, and skin care is no exception as plant-based alternatives to retinol enter the market. Retinol has many benefits but also many side effects, such as dry and peeling skin. Bakuchiol is a plant-based alternative that has been known about for years, but is only now coming to the forefront. It offers all the benefits of retinol but is much more suited to people with sensitive skin.

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