9 Tips for Creating the Perfect In-Law Suite

An in-law suite is a private space for parents and in-laws that is typically attached to your home or located in close proximity to it. Whether your in-laws live with you full-time or come every now and then for check-ins, visits, and dinner parties, having an in-law suite ensures that they know there's always a place in your home (and heart) for them!

Creating the perfect in-law suite takes careful consideration for their needs and desires. Think of it a bit like an Airbnb! Aim to please your guests by covering all of their daily necessity bases. With these tips and tricks, you’ll have all of the key pieces you’ll need to furnish your in-law's dream suite!

9. Pick a Theme

If you’re aiming to create a cohesive feng shui to your in-law suite, the first step is to select a theme. Do you want to go for a light and airy theme using grays, whites, and pastels? Or do you want to go for a cozier warm-toned feel with ambers, auburns, and browns? Whatever you decide, decorating becomes infinitely easier when you have a scheme to work with.

8. Splurge on bedding

The whole point of a bedroom is to sleep well— so splurging on a cushy mattress, elegant bedding sets, and supportive pillows grants your in-laws the best sleep night after night. If either parent has any back problems, you may consider spending extra on memory foam bedding that lets the fall asleep without any of the nagging pain.

7. Dress the windows

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Natural light can be a blessing and a curse. To ensure the morning light doesn’t disturb their sleep schedule, dress your in-law suite’s windows with sunlight-blocking curtains. Having a color scheme makes the selection process easier, but it should be top priority to place higher value on effectiveness rather than aesthetic appeal.

6. Empty the closet space

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If the space you’re transforming into an in-law suite was previously used as an extra storage space, be sure to clear out the closet and dressers so your in-laws will have room to store their own belongings. The more space the better! If you’re still in need of some extra space after clearing out the closet, utilize under-bed storage that will be out of sight and out of mind!

5. Set up the bathroom

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For many people, the bathroom is their personal heaven—even if it’s a hotel room or a weekend stay. In order to achieve that perfect spa-feel, make sure your in-law suite is stocked up with the following.

● Luxurious bath linens: 2+ bath towels and 2+ face cloths
 A trash can with an open-close cap
● A durable, non-slip bath mat
● A shower curtain liner
● Good-smelling hand and body soaps
 A full-body mirror
 A toilet plunger and toilet bowl cleaner
● Extra toothbrushes
● Neutral shampoo and conditioner
● Fresh-scented body wash
● Extra bath sponges

4. Find ambiance lighting

Setting the mood can be a simple matter of turning on a lamp. If the suite is currently fashioned with hard fluorescent lighting, you may want to consider bringing in a few tableside or freestanding lamps to balance the tone. If you are planning on furnishing the suite with a comfortable recliner reading chair, a warm-toned lamp is a perfect complement to the mood.

3. Keep it minimal

Even if minimalism isn’t your preferred style, it’s an easy, welcoming, style for guests to walk into. When there’s less to take in, there is much more breathing to unpack and feel at peace. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, and your in-laws won’t likely feel at ease if their space is overrun with your knick-knacks, photos, and loud decor.

2. Optimize surface space

Don’t make your in-laws live out of their suitcase. Even if you’re not able to furnish the suite with a sizeable closet or dresser, furnishing the space with plenty of surface space lets them place their belongings somewhere outside of their suitcase.

1. Dining set

If your in-law suite is completed with a kitchen, be sure to make the space usable by equipping the drawers and cupboards with utensils, plates, and pots. Having the independence and privacy to cook their own meals will be something they’ll deeply appreciate. And what better excuse to go on a grocery shopping trip together!?

Do your in-laws live with you? What are the things that they can't live without in their personal in-law suites? Let us know in the comments below.

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