Get Your MacBook in Perfect Shape With 4 Easy Tips

Don’t let your MacBook get worn down. You don’t want to carry around a laptop that is covered in an assortment of scratches. You don’t want to deal with a painfully slow system, where all the videos lag, the websites freeze and the spinning rainbow wheel pops up every time you open a new application. And, of course, you don’t want to forget your charger at home and realize that the battery is racing to zero percent.

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If you want to stop being frustrated every time you look down at your MacBook, here is how you can get it in better shape in 3 easy steps:

Cover It Up

You’re embarrassed to slide your MacBook out of its carrying case because it looks like a disaster. There are fingerprint smudges, scuff marks, scratches, and smears everywhere.

Cleaning it up is a good first step. Follow the cleaning advice from the experts at Apple Support to get the best results:

• Turn it off and unplug the charger
• Take a lightly dampened microfiber cloth and wipe the exterior and screen
• Don’t wet the cloth too much — you don’t want any moisture getting inside and causing water damage
• Don’t use any sprays directly onto the screen
• Don’t use any household cleaners or rough cloths

The next step is to prevent the same problem from coming back. You should cover the top, bottom, and trackpad with a high-quality vinyl skin to guard against scratches, scrapes, scuffs and smudges. If you have any permanent cosmetic damage, you should check this out to see how you can use the skin to cover it up and make your MacBook look good as new and get usb c adapter rose gold.

Choose MacBook wraps in exciting designs and colors, like:
• Hyperblack Titanium
• Gold
• White Marble
• Red Carbon Fiber
• Black Matrix
• Zebra Wood
• Black Leather
• Bulletproof Banana

In addition to keeping your top and bottom covered, you should consider getting a silicone keyboard protector to keep your keys nice and clean and 10ft usb c to usb c cable to keep it tidy. Any time the sleeve looks like it’s getting too dirty to use, you can pull it off, give it a wipe, and put it back on.

Run The Software Updates

The slow performance that’s giving you a headache could be because of a backlog of ignored system updates. If you’ve been neglecting these important updates, you’re going to slog through the consequences on your computer.

Go to your Apple Menu, click on System Preferences and then Software Update. Choose Check for Updates. Install the updates on your computer until the Check for Updates feature says that your system is completely up-to-date.

You may want to check to see if any of your apps or programs need updating. It may take a chunk of your day to get through all of them, but it will be worth it once you notice the difference in efficiency. However, if you intend to sell used macbook pro, there are plenty of options. 

Other than efficiency, one of the crucial reasons why you need to run software updates when they first pop-up on your MacBook is that they’re supposed to address security issues. These quick updates will patch up vulnerabilities in the system, so your device doesn’t get bogged down by viruses.

Protect The Battery Life

Finally, a third benefit of updating your software regularly is that you can give your MacBook longer battery life than before. Your problems with battery drain could be solved if you follow step number two.

Bad computer habits could be siphoning off battery life and wear it down faster than you’d like. Here are a few habits that you should replace them with:
• Dim your display
• Turn off apps you aren’t using
• Turn off Bluetooth if you aren’t using it
• Don’t leave it plugged in after it’s charged to 100%
• Don’t let your MacBook get too physically hot or cold

If you’ve practiced all of these and you’re still having trouble, it’s time to investigate the battery cycle. You can find the battery cycle of your MacBook by clicking down on the Option key and the Apple icon at the same time and then clicking on System Information. Click onto the Power tab and into Health Information. You will find out how many battery cycles your MacBook has run through.

Each MacBook has a maximum cycle count, ranging between 300 to 1000 cycles depending on the version. If you’ve bought your laptop in the past few years, it will 1000. If your number of cycles is close to 1000, you will need to go to Apple Support to replace the battery. It’s the best way to keep your device running smoothly. 

For some people, a laptop is a tool they use once in a while, but for you, it’s essential for everyday life. You don’t even want to think of the possibility of the screen shutting down and never turning on again. When you put a little effort into maintaining your MacBook, you can guarantee that it will last for a long time.

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