10 Helpful Holiday Hacks for Sydney Flyers

Are you ready to fly from Sydney? Not without these 10 terrific travel hacks.

[ photo: pexels.com by rijan hamidovic]

1. Bring your own snacks

At the airport, you’ll find that travel goodies such as drink and sweets are double the price, so bring your own snacks and save the spending for your holiday. And remember, you won’t be able to bring drinks through security –take an empty bottle and fill it up afterwards for free.

2. Tumble dryer sheets

If you’re travelling light, your clean and dirty clothes will probably end up in the same bag. To keep them fragrantly fresh for the duration of your trip, stick a tumble dryer sheet in your bag.

3. Arm yourself with apps

Apps are a great way to enhance your travel experience. If you’re looking to meet some like-minded travellers, you can download the Backpackr app. Or, alternatively, the Party With a Local app lets you connect with locals and learn about your new community.

4. Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes into tube shapes maximises your luggage space, whilst also protecting them from creases – so fold no more!

5. Mark luggage as fragile

Marking your luggage as fragile means that airport staff are more likely to handle it extra care, thus keeping your worldly goods intact. Also, your luggage will be top of the pile in the plane and first on the collection carousel at the airport, leaving you with more time to explore. 

6. Offline maps

Google maps is great for navigation – but whilst you’re exploring a city Wi-Fi access isn’t guaranteed and data roaming charges can be costly. So save your Google maps for the areas you’ll be visiting and then access them offline when you need them.

7. Life Straw

Travel is thirsty work and if you’re travelling to remote outdoor locations, consider purchasing some Lifestraw products.  These products filter water, trapping any bacteria, parasites and chemicals so that you can stay hydrated anywhere without risking your health.

8. TV charger

If you’ve forgotten or misplaced the plug part of your charger, most modern TVs have USB ports. So if your accommodation has a TV, simply connect your device and watch that battery icon rise.

9. Private browsing

Websites can track your browsing and will raise prices each time you return to that site. Their aim is to pressure you into booking your flights there are then. Swerve this by turning on private browsing when searching for flights and accommodation – saving some dollars in the process. 

10. Drive to the airport

Travel can be stressful, so get off to a relaxing start by jumping in your car and driving to the airport. It’s a more comfortable and flexible option than public transport and you can find affordable Sydney Airport parking on Looking4.com.

With these holiday hacks to hand, get ready for an awesome adventure! 
That’s our list! Share your favourite travel hacks in the comment.

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