Touring Miami Area’s Best Wine Tasting Bars

For connoisseurs, nothing can be as exhilarating as swirling the wine in a glass in a completely new winery. Wineries are not exactly abounding and one needs to book a tour before the tasting can begin. Wine bars offer the same services to aficionados on a daily basis and if you are an enthusiast, you can go bar hopping to find the nectar that suits you, or you could just go to enjoy the overwhelming variety of wine at offer.

A wine tasting is a social gathering and even if you are not very well acquainted with the rituals and processes of wine tasting, you can always start somewhere and Miami sounds like as a good place as any to begin your first foray into the world of wines. Remember, driving under the influence is often looked down upon by wine enthusiasts, so rent a Miami charter tour bus or minibus to go wine bar hopping with your friends in Miami.

1. Happy Wine - The Grove

If you are looking for a group place with a laid back atmosphere and cozy, homely vibes then Happy Wines is the place for you. The place has special offers on all the time and their quaint little restaurant offers homely comfort food which makes the experience even better. This place is also known for its outrageous specials like 5$ Happy Hours and heavy discounts on champagne.

2. La Cave D’Azur

This Mediterranean themed bar has a good collection of wines in its cellar and a kitchen menu that perfectly complements the selection. This is also a good place for the uninitiated, every Wednesday, a wine tasting event is held with prices going as low as 15$ for five wines. If you like good wine and a better initiation ceremony, you should definitely check this out.

3. Lekoke Wines and Bites

This husband and wife run business is reputed to have the best service in the area. It is run completely by the entrepreneur couple and with an eclectic wine collection accompanied by excellent home cooking, this is the kind of place that is always full of regulars. The hardworking couple always makes sure that you enjoyed their wine and hospitality.

4. Vinos in the Grove

This is another establishment dedicated to providing a detailed selection of full bodied red wines and crisp and dry white wines. Their extensive collection has wines from all over the world and carefully laid out regionally themed cheese boards add to the experience. A comfy 18 person bar and a tasting table provide an aesthetic appeal that is unparalleled.

5. Wine Vault

As the name suggests, this establishment has a commanding presence in the quiet midtown neighborhood and for all the right reasons! Their extensive wine list and exclusive appetizers are reason enough for any wine lover to visit them. You can never run out of new wines to sample in this vault and the dessert menu makes it a complete gastronomic experience. You can also check out some other great wine bars in and around the Miami area.

It doesn’t matter if you are a visitor or a well acquainted local, a rookie wine enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, Miami’s wine scene is quite enticing and has something for everyone. Drinking wine is synonymous with joy and celebration and Miami is known for its celebratory spirit. 

Despite its location, Miami is truly an oenophile’s haven and the sheer numbers of wine bars operating in this area a testimony to this fact.  It is said that everyone loves a glass of wine and the Magic city’s wine bar scene definitely proves it.

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