Top Groovy & Chic Finger Mehndi Designs for Brides To Be

Time and time again, everyone has uttered about the significance of applying Mehndi on various occasions in their own words. A well-produced and regaling Mehndi design not only amplifies the beauty of a woman but also help her garner tons of attention in any function she steps in.

We have seen a myriad of versions of a scintillating Mehndi designs for feet, legs, hands, forearms, etc. However, there is one Mehndi design which has recently come into the picture and quickly become the top-notch choice for girls as well as women.

Any guesses which style of Mehndi design we are talking about? Yes! it's finger Mehndi design. This Mehndi design is simple, swoon-worthy, minimalistic, and easy to produce. Many brides are opting for finger Mehndi designs because this Mehndi style encapsulates innumerable intriguing patterns and designs which resonate well with the festivity of occasions and bride's perspective of an exemplary Mehndi design.

After doing gruesome research and consulting Top Mehndi artist in Delhi, we've collated some awe-inspiring finger Mehndi designs that are riding high on trend and will augment your chic bridal look effortlessly.

1. Embellished Finger Mehndi Designs

If your aim is to look super-stylish and your love for trendy jewellery is incomparable, embellished finger Mehndi designs are surely for you. A majority of the embellished finger Mehndi designs cover up designs like diamond-shaped patterns, motifs, and other designs inspired from traditional and contemporary jewellery. These Mehndi designs are ideal for parties and engagement ceremony. Embellished finger Mehndi design will go quite well with traditional Lehenga and golden bracelet.

2. Geometric Patterns Finger Mehndi Designs

Unquestionably, the finger Mehndi style encompasses some of the most intricate patterns which only a proficient Mehndi artist can produce flawlessly. Geometric style finger Mehndi designs are usually preferred by classy and sassy women who love to experiment with their bridal makeover.

To achieve a ubiquitous Mehndi look, apply geometric Mehndi design on the top of fingers tip at one hand, and on the wrist at another hand. The captivating thing about geometric Mehndi design is it's suitable for all festivals and key occasions.

3. Finger Ring Mehndi Designs

If your goal is to stand apart from the rest when it comes to Mehndi, finger ring Mehndi designs can give you an upper hand by rendering a unique and dapper bridal appearance. The ravishing ring patterns and the minimal design of finger ring Mehndi is way too perfect for the modern women who like to keep the things top of the line.
Finger ring Mehndi designs are apt for casual parties and match well with Indo-western outfits.

4. Index Finger Mehndi Designs  

This Arabic style Mehndi design mainly constitutes linear patterns full of motifs, leaves, and other intricate designs. This Mehndi design starts from the top of the Index finger and covers up the entire hand up to wrist. Index finger Mehndi designs can surely give your hands a compelling appearance.

This Mehndi design goes well with both traditional and trendy outfits. Moreover, it is suitable for engagement and wedding ceremonies.

5. Semi-Circular Loops Finger Mehndi Designs

This Mehndi style is something totally out-of-the-box for brides-to-be. When you combine the semi-circles with semi-circular loops, the result will be graceful and ever-trendy semi-circular loop finger Mehndi designs which can make any woman in the party envy you. 

You can pour down your creativity in this Mehndi design by adding floral patterns around the semi-circular loops. This Mehndi design is perfect for festive occasions and you can pair it with traditional attires like Saree.

This is all about the groovy finger Mehndi designs for our lovely brides-to-be. Pick any one of that style and take your bridal avatar to the whole new level. For more beautiful mehndi design you can visit India’s largest online wedding market If you think we forget to mention any imperative finger Mehndi design, feel free to drop the comment below!


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