5 Possible Reasons Why Your Essential Oils Don't Work

It would be surprising if you have never heard of essential oils in your life – they are famous because of the increasing attention people are giving the world of natural health remedies, in addition to herbal solutions and alternative medicine techniques. You might even have friends who are into essential oils and aromatherapy in general, and websites such as aromatechscent.com provide you with extra information if you are starting out.

When it comes to essential oils, you always want your solutions to work – ideally. However, this is not always the case, like the oils, you decide to use fail to live up to your expectations. Instead, when you decide to try them, you come out smelling like a typical hippie instead of feeling a sense of refreshment. So this raises the question – why are they not working for you as well as you hoped they would?

Poor timing issues

When you are using any essential oil, regardless of what it is, the results will be better if you use it in a proactive form. That means your intention of using them is clear from the beginning, and you are not just following the so-called ‘health trend’ of using all-natural products.

Thinking ahead is the most important part, as this helps you plan ahead. For instance, if you frequently suffer from allergic reactions during certain seasons, you know you will need to give your immune system a boost – so you will go for certain oils that keep your immune system healthy throughout the season. If you are struggling with stress or anxiety, you need something that will help you relax, and you prepare the mixture before you get stressed into a frenzy.

Knowing the oils to use will also help you know the frequency of use. The reason why essential oils are so expensive is because of their power – in fact, one drop is sufficient to cover all your body cells 40,000 times over. You do not need a lot; with essential oils, less is always more.

You are using them incorrectly

For you to get the optimal results with the oils you have, you either use them topically, aromatically, or internally (this only applies to therapeutic grade ones that your doctor recommends). It may seem like a complicated issue full of dos and don’ts, but the good news is that any reference book that is reputed will give you sufficient information on what to use and the circumstances to use the method.

You do not know why you are using them

If there is one mistake that most of us suffer from, it is the rush to treat symptoms instead of the real cause. Your first instinct is likely to make the suffering go away as quickly as possible, instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem you have on your hands. This mindset begins creeping into everything you do, including failing to recognize what your body is trying to tell you.

It is important to recognize that symptoms are merely signs that something is wrong, and their suppression only means the underlying problem persists. In the same way, you use essential oil to suppress the discomfort of life instead of addressing the real issue.

An instance would be using peppermint to soothe sore spots, instead of addressing the root cause of the sore spots – and that causes the oil to be ineffective. If you are struggling with lack of sleep. You turn to lavender, and the only result is you staring up at the ceiling the whole night – yet your struggle with insomnia may be due to a wonky circadian rhythm or you staring at a screen emitting blue light just before bed.

In addition, it is important to remember not every essential oil will work for you, just because it worked for someone else. When you address the root cause of your symptoms, the body will respond better to treatment and essential oils generally.

You are using essential oils of poor quality

The sheer variety of places you can buy essential oils from can confuse even the most ardent beginner, but you will soon realize that not all stores sell high quality oils. In fact, most of the stores and outlets selling these products are only selling fragrance oils – and those should never be applied to your body nor ingested.

What this means is that the fragrance oils are simply an imitation of the real thing – the therapeutic components are absent. For this reason, you need to ask qualified aromatherapy and essential oil experts for the best places to get quality oils. You need to also be careful that you are buying legitimate products – otherwise, they will pose a risk to your health in the future. 

You are still living an unhealthy lifestyle

Just because you are using essential oils, does not mean you must be a health nut. However, you should not let yourself go either, especially considering the world we live in is increasingly becoming more toxic by the day.

While you can only do so much to safeguard your long term health, you need to take care of yourself as much as you can. Since oils are effective and easy to use, they provide you with an avenue to enhance your lifestyle. However, you cannot continue filling your body with toxic chemicals, just because you are using these oils, and then expect them to undo the damage you are causing.

The good news though? You can use essential oils as a substitute for the harmful chemicals you already have. For instance – using them as a household cleaner in place of chemical cleaners, using them as a fragrance instead of synthetic perfumes, and so on.

Eliminating the possible sourcesof toxins in your life is always the first step to promoting wellness, and these oils can help you achieve that goal.

Essential oils are great – but only if you know why and how you use them. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that just because they worked for someone else, does not guarantee they will for you – so you should be open to new solutions.

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