Body Piercing Jewelry: 7 Unique Body Piercing Jewelry to Try This Summer

Body piercing jewelry looks sexy and chic. And, if you are an adventurous soul, you can try body piercing in unique styles. Body piercing jewelry gives you many options today. You can choose a style that'll look the best. Its also about looking cool and making a difference. Listed are 7 unique body piercing jewelry styles to try this summer, read on.

[ photo: by rodolfo clix ]

1. Nose Stud

Nose studs look great and you can carry them in style. You can choose nose studs according to metal and size. The ideal stud can change your look. Ball nose stud and flat nose stud are two styles that are most preferred by women. Nose studs and nose rings also look wonderful for party occasions. You can wear it according to suitability.

2. Eyebrow Jewelry

Most women go bold with eyebrow jewelry. It's not common but you can try if you want to be different. You can try eyebrow rings and studs that can make you look super sexy. There are different styles available in eyebrow rings and studs you can choose from. Gold is the most preferred metal for eyebrow jewelry.

3. Belly Ring

Its summer time so why not flaunt your body. From beachwear to a crop top, you can flaunt your belly in style. Choose belly ring as that would make you look ultra sexy. There are many kindsof belly rings you can choose from, its available in the light metal too. A perfect belly ring will make you look fabulous. Just take precautions after the piercing is done.

4. Tongue Ring Jewelry

Tongue jewelry looks cool and you can try it if you are bold enough. There are different metals available in tongue jewelry. The only thing you need to keep in mind in tongue jewelry is aftercare. After the piercing, you need to take precautions. If you are comfortable, you can opt for different styles available in tongue jewelry.

5. Lip Rings

Lip rings are also common in body piercing styles. This summer season you can flaunt a lip ring and change your look. You can opt for different lip piercing styles. Monroe piercing style can give you a celeb look. You can also opt for a simple piercing style if you want to keep your look simple. Glitter styles look good in lip rings.

6. Ear Piercing

You can try different styles in ear piercing. Rook piercing is a new style that you can try. Snug piercing can make you look awesome and different. You can also try the helix earrings which can be wear on the upper ear area. This can be painful at times but it does look stylish if you want to change your look.

7. Nipple Piercing

Most women also opt for nipple piercing style. This can be painful but it does look good. The piercing is done on the base of nipples. Aftercare is important for this style of piercing as it takes time to heal.

Choose a style that you love and change your look.

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