Tips On How To Furnish Your Home For The Very First Time

In Malaysia, the real property scene remains solid with the Government committed to affordable housing. Every people started buying their very first house through affordable housing schemes introduced by the Government. As a first homeowner, I understand the temptation to run up credit cards and charge accounts with furniture stores in order to decorate your home as quickly as possible. There is no rule that says your house must be completely furnished within a stipulated time after you move in. A house is a long term commitment. Therefore, slow down and let your decorating happen at a relaxed pace. Here are some tips on how to furnish your very first home for the very first time without going broke.

1. Budget

It is recommended for first-time homeowners to save roughly 10-15 % of the house purchase price for their home decorating fund which includes home renovations and the purchase of furniture as well as fittings including lighting fixtures and also miscellaneous items such as bedsheets, pillows and vases. It is advisable to make a list and set a budget. 

Your list of needed items and budget will ensure you know how much money is going to spend and remind you not to go overboard with the purchases. Besides that, do not just buy the first thing you see, make some comparison between the prices. The price of the same item you see in actual store maybe much cheaper in the online official websites. The choice is yours but without the comparison you would not have any choices.

2. Essential

The next step that you should take is to make a list of all the essential things that you need. Make sure that you write about only the critical items and not everything that you want. It will allow you to understand what is needed for making the space look beautiful as well as functional without over spending. 

It can be hard to avoid spending on trendy pieces for your home. One way to avoid blowing unnecessary amounts of money on things you do not need is to rank your purchases by priority. Determine first and then purchase the items you cannot live without.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Do not let your desire just to fill the room take over the goal to have quality furniture that will last you long after you need it to. Remember that always prioritize the room you will be spending the most time in and fill it with quality furniture. Buying quality products can cost more upfront, but there is a reason for the expense as it lasts longer and is better for your wallet in the long run. Even if you have a budget, choosing a quality furniture would help you to save your repair fees in the future.

4. Plants

Most of the times, people are stopped on their tracks when they have to pick the accessories for the interior design. Flowers and plants are one of the best choice. Now that we are surrounded by artificial erections and structures this is more difficult to do. Still, it is not impossible. 

Greenery adds a lovely natural touch to any space, and it does not cost much. When you are looking for ideas how to furnish a flat with little money plants can be your buddies. Place them in the corners of your living room or use them to create a welcoming site at the entrance of your home.

5. Lighting

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to get the high-end look without the high-end price. First is to start looking at flea markets and second-hand stores where you will get a unique piece at a budget-friendly price. You may also try this popular trick of adding a drum shade around an old chandelier to get the custom look everyone is craving right now. Click here to see this popular trick.

6. Storage

Last but not the least is creating enough storage even on a low budget. There is never enough storage in a house especially if you have a growing family. That is the reason you must make use of every inch of space available. These additional units can be used for various storage needs. For example, tall and narrow shaped storage systems are your best choice when trying to get the most storage out of the least amount of space.

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