How to Choose Which Kind Of Shoe Storage Cabinet To Best Fit Your Home

Anyone who has any knowledge of nursery rhymes would know of the old woman who lived in a shoe. I'd always caught myself wondering how one could live in such a smelly place! Shoes that have been left loitering out in the open often spread a stench in the area that no amount of air fresheners can hide. If you are trying to figure out how to effectively put away your shoes, and consequently live in a much more pleasant smelling environment than the aforementioned old woman, a shoe storage cabinet is an answer. These are a smart storage solution for avoiding any unruly mess caused by scattered shoes. Thinking of investing in one? Then these tips are for you!

Where to place the shoe cabinet?

It is paramount to be sure of the spot where the shoe cabinet will be situated beforehand. This will make the decision process much more comfortable and more streamlined. Whether in a corner, against a wall in the hallway or near the front door, the amount of space available decides the dimensions of the cabinet. Once a position has been selected, the most practical design for your respective needs is next on the list of things to consider. Cabinets can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall for ease of access and to save floor space.

Which design to choose?

With the myriad of shoe cabinet styles to choose from out there, it is necessary to focus on which kind is best for your particular requirements. The short, wide ones can double as console tables when stationed in a hallway. Usually occupying corners, tall shoe cabinets are convenient and unobtrusive. Styles vary with regards to the way the cabinet opens up: doors can be double-sided, can slide or even hinge open! Cabinets with adjustable shelving allow for different sized shoes, as well as storage of other stuff. Opting for shoe cabinets with one, two or even four attached drawers makes stashing away clutter a complete breeze.

What about storage capacity?

This is entirely dependent on how many pairs of shoes are strewn around! However, shoe storage cabinets can store anywhere between 10 to 30 pairs, depending on its size! If the lack of space is a concern, buying two separate smaller shoe cabinets (they can be the same or different styles) and locating them in different areas will increase capacity without appearing to crowd the place.

Which material to go for?

Wooden shoe cabinets go well with houses that have a theme of the same. Cabinets made of glass or those that are mirrored are suitable for homes that have a neutral, contemporary idea going on while shoe cabinets with a luxuriously glossy finish are an ideal option for the ultra-modernists among us.

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