What are the Differences between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Nowadays, the married couple are more dainty and careful about what they do for their wedding. What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

First: the wearing of the rings

Engagement rings are usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand, while wedding rings are worn on the ring finger .The "pulse of love" is connected to the heart through the ring finger of the left hand. For unmarried people wearing rings, they should wear the middle finger of their right hand or nameless. Point to it, otherwise it will be misunderstood.

Second: Need not engraved

Although engagement rings, like wedding rings, must be high-purity platinum, gold or silver, while engagement rings can't be engraved, wedding rings can, such as name, abbreviation and date of both men and women, you can see the name ring

Three: engagement ring

Few people think that marriage can only be achieved by proposing, so they feel that engagement rings are as essential as wedding rings. In fact, the wedding rings refer to the proof of the wedding of two people, which is a necessity of the wedding. The engagement diamond rings are the proof of their promised marriage. So they usually buy Custom Engraved Two Birthstones Ring Sterling Silver.  With prices rising, it is not necessary to buy engagement rings.

Fourth: Whether there are jewels or not

Engagement rings mostly have jewels or other ornaments, such as customized infinity love promise rings and there should be no gaps in the ring, implying the love between them does not allow a third person to intervene, and use jewelry and other ornaments to maintain their pure and flawless love. On the contrary, wedding rings must not. Because it implies that they will open their hearts and start a new life.

What should we pay attention to when customizing diamond rings? First of all, custom-made diamond rings are unique and meaningful. The diamond rings purchased in the market are all produced in batches that you can find in alexandrite engagement ring. It is inevitable for limited style and homogeneity. Customized is different. You can choose what style is popular  and it can be said that as long as there is one on the market ,all of them can be customized. 

If you are not satisfied with the styles on the market, you can also design new styles by the get name necklace, especially the wedding diamond ring. You can also select what style you likeIt has special significance and commemorative value. It can also engrave characters or patterns on diamond rings .Obviously, custom diamond rings can really make you embrace there's a unique diamond rings that only belongs to you.


  1. in malay culture, we got 3 different ring..additional to engagement and wedding ring, another one is "merisik"..hahaha

  2. Nice honestly I did not know the difference between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings Before.


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