Six Ways to Avoid Overspending When You’re Shopping Online

There’s no need to break the bank! 

It’s easy to get carried away while you shop online. You are spoilt for choices, as you can search for anything possible on the Internet thanks to China’s innovation. To avoid yourself from busting your credit cards, there are a few things you should take note of. Just a little extra hard work, time and patience, and you’ll have a healthy spending habit.
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Compare your items to other merchants 

Found your favourite dress? Don’t check out just yet. Head on to a few more shopping sites, and search for dresses similar to the ones you found. Compare the prices and the worthiness of the dresses based on textile and fabric materials. You’ll discover more options for yourself by researching, and you will find your dress for lesser money. 

Make use of the Wishlist

Don’t check out your items in a rush. Keep your items in the Wishlist and let it sit there for a while. Take your time to decide and see if you still need the pieces after a day or two. Besides, these merchants have a system to track your searches and browse history. They'll then send you a reminder to purchase your items at a lower price, especially when there’s a sale coming up.  

Filter your items before adding them to your cart 

Ask yourself if you need all those items that you’ve chosen. Filter them out and only keep what you need instead of wanting them. Besides, keep an eye on the shipping fees. Adding an item or two to hit the quota for free shipping has more worth than paying the fees. Another solution: get a friend to shop with you. The accumulated items in the same cart should entitle you to free shipping.
Look around for additional promo codes 

Scour the Internet and check for coupons and discount codes. There are ‘hidden sales’ now and then; you’ll have to dig deeper. Don’t also forget to check coupon sites such as GetYourCouponCodes, as they continuously have great deals up their sleeves.
If you still don’t know where to look, it’s as simple as typing the name of your favourite online store followed by “promo code” or “voucher”. For example, if you’re looking for additional discounts on Zalora, just type in “Zalora promo code” or “Lazada voucher”. You’ll be surprised at the number of sites giving free discount coupons!
Only shop during holiday seasons

Things are especially cheap when a festive season is just around the corner. The prices of the items you’ve been eyeing at might drop. Although, you’ve got to be quick before they sell out or run out of sizes. Here’s a hint: remember we mentioned using promo codes earlier? Sales season is the best time to use these coupons because online stores usually give out more codes than usual. 

Be a member and collect points

Most online merchants use the points system now. Be sure to join the brand as a member and collect these points. Also, make sure you get your friends to make purchases with you. That will double up your points collection. Remember, more points, more conversion, more discounts.

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