Classic Combinations for Your Wardrobe

For most men, a great wardrobe combines two things - simplicity and style. Style is hopefully self-explanatory, but not all of us have the time to think about and plan our outfits for each day. Most of the time, you want to grab some pants and a shirt and not have to think about it any more than that. This is why setting your wardrobe up with classic pairings is a great way to take the thinking out of looking good. Once you have all the pieces you need, you can simply grab your well-known combinations, safe in the knowledge that you'll be looking good effortlessly. 

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The secret is to get the pairings right in the first place, and there's an art to combining colors, fabrics, and designs, so that two items look like an outfit. But then, with the right tools, you can take a selection of clothes and make them larger then the sum of its parts. 

With a few pairs of pants, shirts, and jackets, you can have everything you need for casual and smart casual outings without having to buy a separate outfit for each. Some days, something from Galaxy Teez is more than enough, and for others is Bape shirts and pants, you need to get your shiny shoes and a good jacket. To make both of these decisions a walk in the park, we've summarized our favorite clothing combos for you:

Grey Jacket and Navy Trousers
This is a classic pairing, and one that's as versatile as any clothes you may have in your wardrobe. This is ideal for the office, as well as when going for a meal with friends at the weekend. You can also switch up the pairing, so you have grey trousers and a navy jacket. Either option can be combined with a white shirt or a t-shirt, which are both common wardrobe staples depending on the event.

Black Jacket and Grey Trousers
This is a step towards the smarter casual end of the scale. The black and grey jacket and trouser combination is a classic. We recommend adding a few extras, including a well-ironed shirt and polished shoes for any formal outings you may get invited to. If you want to modify the pairing for a night out, take the shirt out, and replace it with a polo and trainers for a more chilled-out look.

Jacket and Pleats
This is an outfit suited for work, but easygoing enough that you'll be able to head to the bar seamlessly afterward. We suggest putting on a jacket that doesn't have much padding for a relaxed fit and drapes over the shoulders, rather than flattening them out. Stay close to neutral, and you'll have a good time in this combination.

Work Shirt and Trousers
Tailoring has moved leaps and bounds beyond what it was just 50 years ago, and a new trend is to outfit a shirt and trousers out of the same material. These can be worn individually to increase the use of each piece, but when worn together, you're guaranteed to look good. 

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