How to Pick the Best Travel Insurance Plan for International Travel

People looking at travelling on an international trip are spoilt for choice with the number of travel plans being offered by various companies. Having so many choices to choose from can often become intimidating and people might get confused as to which one to opt for. While the crux of most of these plans remain the same there are certain factors which help distinguish one from the other and these distinct factors separates the best from the rest.

Some of the factors to exercise while opting for the best travel plan to safeguard yourself before going on an international trip are:

In depth Research – it is essential to do in depth research and analysis of the various insurance plans that are available for purchase. The various websites for travel insurance offer all the details that one needs to know about the benefits and offers. One should not wait till the last minute and then purchase a travel plan right before going on a trip. One should not completely depend on an agent for advice as they are paid to up sell their company and they tend to have a biased opinion.

No comprise in quality – the quality of the travel insurance cover should be given weightage over the price while making a final choice as it has been often noted that price tends to be the deal breaker at the time of making a choice. This is not often the best strategy to adopt as a lot of money is involved at the time of going on an international trip. 

Some of the important factors that a good insurance plan must cover are trip interruption and cancellation charges, medical emergency charges and charges related to loss, theft and delay of baggage. Other important factors like the frequency of travel, region of travel and number of people travelling will affect the premium charges and hence should be considered.

What it does not offer – not all insurance plans are same in terms of what they offer and also what they don’t in terms of the events under which the claims can be covered. Personal preference, requirement and all different situations that might occur should be considered in terms of the policies, benefits and coverage terms.

Familiarization – the individual purchasing the plan should familiarize themselves with the claim settlement process and the refund policy of the travel insurance plan so as to avoid surprises later on.

Out of the plethora of options available, one such is the Religare travel insurance which is one of the most reputed and trusted choices. They have specific travel insurance plans for student travellers, senior citizen travellers and frequent travellers. 

They cover a wide range of locations under their travel plan like Asia, Schengen, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, South America, Middle East and the United Kingdom. These travel plans are area specific as different countries tend to have different requirements.

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