Invest In Your Face: Why Your Makeup Bag Needs a Duo Stick

There are a lot of makeup products in the world — and chances are, you want them all. Makeup is one of those things that is so rooted in experimentation and trial and error that it’s easy to keep buying more and more — without actually using much of what you already have. If your goal is to bring some couture quality makeup into your makeup routine, it’s time to be a bit more strategic about the makeup products you invest in.

Instead of loading up on new palettes you’ll never use or more lipsticks in shades you’ll never wear, opt for a makeup item that will be a return on your investment, that you will always use — like a duo stick.

Duo sticks are hybrid dual-sided makeup sticks — in other words, the makeup solution you and your makeup bag have been looking for. These sticks combine the functions of various cosmetic products (powder and foundation, highlighter and bronzer etc.) into one item that’s easy to use and transport.

BY TERRY’S Glow-Expert Duo Stick, for example, can be used as a bronzer, highlighter, and blush (basically any contour tool to illuminate your face). 

BY TERRY Glow-Expert Duo Stick

Your makeup bag needs a duo stick for a lot of reasons. Here’s why your face — and wallet — will thank you for investing in a duo stick:

Condenses Your Beauty Routine

Half of your makeup routine likely consists of you trying to find the different individual items you plan to use. With a duo stick, your daily makeup items are all in one place. All you have to do is turn the stick over, and you’re at the next step of your routine!

It Saves Space

Using a duo stick means having to stuff less into your makeup case. For example, BY TERRY’S Glow Expert Dup Stick allows you to swap out your bronzer, highlighter and blush for one item.

With this kind of convenience, you may not even need a full makeup bag — you can just toss in your duo stick and whatever other couple items you may use on a day to day basis in your bag.


Duo sticks are mess free because, as mentioned, they don’t cause too much clutter in your bag. That being said, they are also mess-free in the application process.

Let’s be honest, applying a stick product is a lot neater then dealing with broken pieces of blush or bronzer.
Cost Effective

Any two-in-one product will give you bang for your buck. After all, why buy two (or three) products, when you can buy just one? Whether it’s a two-in-one lipstick or a concealer with a beauty blender on the other side, you can’t go wrong with a dual-sided makeup stick. 

Easy Application

The nice thing about makeup in stick form is that it just glides on. Instead of needing to find the right brush to apply the product, duo sticks are easy to use — you can just pop the cap off and apply it directly to your face. Plus, makeup sticks make it easier to apply a product evenly.

The Options Are Endless

Duo sticks are available in so many different combinations. Chances are, with some research, you’ll find the perfect dual sided makeup stick to suit your unique needs.

Maybe all you need is one stick to have a couple of lipstick options, or maybe your foundation application will be improved by a two-sided product that has both foundation and a beauty blender on the other side. It’s just a matter of finding the right dup stick one for you.

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