How to Dress Your Baby for a Photo Shoot

Arranging for a baby's portrait session isn't as easy as many people think. Several photographers specialize in newborn or family photography, and various styles are involved. You can go for fashion, tradition, photojournalism, or portraiture. You can find a suitable suit for your baby at Childmode. The process is so involving, and by the time you'll be settling on the photographer to hire, you may have forgotten about what your baby will wear for the session. 

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Well, here's how to dress your baby for a photoshoot:

1. Forget the shoes.

Shoes are unnecessary for a baby who doesn't stand or walk. Therefore, consider leaving them out of the studio. It's a rule of thumb, so don't just try to introduce it, as it may look weird. Again, the shoes will distract your baby, and he may want to get them off or play with them, and the shoes may also come off during the photoshoot. Additionally, if you're planning to take pictures of your newborn at home to create a more natural look, shoes really aren't needed since your baby doesn't wear them on a regular basis yet.

You don't want to keep readjusting the baby's costume, as this may also make the baby fussy, and therefore, you'll spend more time in the studio - not taking photos, but cuddling the baby.

2. Stick to neutral tones.

Neutral colors like cream, white, and gray will do well for a baby's photoshoot. Dark colors, as well as bright ones, may cause color cast on the skin, which is when the colors bounce off the neutral surfaces. For instance, when the baby is lying on a red blanket, the color will reflect on the baby's skin and make it appear slightly red in the photo. You don't want this on your baby's photo for sure.

3. Add flourishes with accessories.

After you've eliminated bright colors, you need something to incorporate some flourish and feel to your baby's photos. Well-placed accessories will work wonder for you here. They only have to be few, but well-placed. When it's a baby girl, headbands and bow would do, and when doing this, ensure the accessories fit the baby perfectly and leave them comfortable.

For baby boys, opt for playful socks to pop up the color under their neutral outfits. You'll get more ideas of outfits to use on your baby boy's photo shoot at

4. Avoid bold prints.

If you're going to do a professional photo shoot, don't use bold prints on babies, as they don’t work well. Several prints will make it go out of style, and yet the style is all you need for your upcoming little cute star.

Instead of solid, go for neutral and delicate but classic prints, which will save time. Bold prints may also distract your baby, making them so curious, and therefore, you'll need more time. You can also go for textures. A knit sweater, for example, will be okay, with a few lace details.

We hope you find these tips for dressing your baby for the very first photo shoot helpful.

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  1. Nice article :) In addition to the tones, I could also add to try picking clothes that are in similar tone with the background. That way your baby skin will outline and glow. Depending on the light you will get really lovely shots! Keep up the good work!


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