8 Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

Essay writing is not the easiest task for college students. It is a laborious task that requires enormous research.  With an already heavy workload, students find writing an essay as a daunting task which they would rather avoid. Unfortunately, it is an essential part of every program you choose in college.  If you have just searched for “someone to write a paper for me,” online you are not alone because most students would like to get help with their essays. This article offers effective tips to improve essay writing which you can use during your next paper. Read on...

1. Always Read the Essay Instruction Carefully

The biggest blunder most essay writers make is to rush into the actual writing without fully understanding the guidelines. The essay prompt might look familiar but you should never work with assumptions in writing. Look for keywords such as ‘compare,’ ‘contrast’ ‘discuss,’ ‘explain’ ‘evaluate” which dictate the approach of your paper. Look for word limit and any other crucial instructions.

2. Find the Right Topic

Picking a topic is a crucial step in essay writing and it not only determines how well your paper turnsoutbut also how much you enjoy writing it.  A good topic must interest you and the reader too and it is important to narrow down the focus to write conclusively. Define the aim of your paper and choose a topic that will help to fulfil it.

3. Choose Your Audience

When choosing the topic, don’t forget the target audience of the paper. The audience if influential in selecting the thesis, language among other things.

4. Choose a Powerful Thesis Statement

Your essay’s thesis statement guides the writing and helps you achieve the objective. It helps the reader understand the importance of the paper before reading it. Choose a powerful thesis to write an interesting argumentative essay.

5. Create an Essay Outline

At this point, you have an idea where you want to go with the paper but no roadmap yet. An essay outline will change this by providing a roadmap. This is a detailed plan of the essay sections and what each will include.

An essay outline provides a foundation for the paper and guides you throughout the project. Start with an introduction which includes the thesis statement, body with several ideas in new paragraphs and a powerful conclusion.

 Go Out of the Ordinary

Critical thinking makes your essay stand out.  It is advisable thus to go out of the usual arguments and ideas and provide something provocative and interesting for the reader.

7. Create a Cohesive Argument

The structure and flow of your paper should be such that the reader can follow the ideas smoothly throughout the paper.  Pick the ideas to form the outline and build on them using research materials from different sources. Make sure you have a clear and logical structure where each paragraph adds value to the argument. Each part of your essay should seamlessly fit into the overall structure.

8. Use Multiple Research Sources 

Go beyond your class notes and classroom texts and instead look for alternative research materials online and elsewhere. Read widely to augment readily available ideas on the topic.

Once you have the research materials, write a draft, edit it and refine the final copy. You can also use a cheap essay writing service to augment your research ideas and deliver a quality paper.

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