Pearl Earrings to Make a Unique Statement

With so many types of earrings these days, what makes pearl earrings stand out? How about its different forms and function? These and more will be tackled here, so make sure to finish reading this article.

For the past decades, pearl earrings have been every woman's favorite. A classic cute earpiece, unique, and an age-old symbol of beauty with gorgeously-designed elements within, pearl can be a perfect accent to an evening attire or business suit. These valuable gems can reflect and capture light, therefore matching any colors.

While pearl earrings do not always come with a matching necklace, it can uniquely stand on its own - making any woman look stunning and beautiful. These accessories can be worn in all seasons, places, and occasions. And since pearls always give a brilliant, perfect match with any dress colors, they are worth every single of your penny.

Types of Pearl Earrings
The good news is that you are not limited to a single design when buying pearl earrings either for you or someone close to your heart. You'll be presented with numerous types to choose from.

Want a classic look? How about a cutie design for your younger one? Each piece promises to make the best use of your outfit without having to spend too much on an accessory. So, take your time exploring with various beautiful pearl earring options below.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings
These are the most popular variety of pearl earpieces while generally being cost-efficient. Freshwater pearls are cultivated in considerable quantities in freshwater lakes, mainly in the United States and China. The vast majority of these gems are baroque-shaped.

Aside from having a satin-like luster that gives the pearls a rare type of appeal and naturally round shape (making it a bit limited), freshwater pearls have around 6-7mm (though they can be as big as 9mm) and natural colors which range from white pinks to rich lavender.

Akoya Pearl Earrings
With Akoya's brilliantly elegant and perfectly round shape, it has been one of the famous and classic types of jewelry pieces. Indeed, a real symbol of grace and beauty. These saltwater pearls are usually cultivated in China and Japan.

Similar to freshwater pearls, Akoya has an average size of 6-7mm but can be as big as 9mm. Black Akoya is the most sought-after color of pearl earrings. When it comes to luster, it is never left behind. As the luster increases, the pearl appears even rounder and fuller.

Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Extremely known for their assortment of dark colors, Tahitian pearls come in numerous shades of grays, blues, greens, and browns. Also with its versatile sizes, metallic tint, and mesmerizing glow, Tahitian can be assimilated into an extensive variety of pieces.

The gem provides a unique boldness due to its deep metallic tint. Over 40 percent of it is round in shape, making it highly valuable on the market. However, you can still find other forms including baroque-shaped, circled-ones, and drop-shaped pearls.

Its average size range from 10mm to 11mm, while the most significant size is 17mm. Additionally, a broad scale of deep blacks with undertones are what you'll found. Peacock Tahitian pearls, pistachio, and silver are the most common.

South Sea Pearl Earrings
Undeniably a decadent glee because of their remarkably vast size, south sea pearls are saltwater pearls that come in a proportion of 20mm. These are some of the most in-demand organic gems available and are used for creating a statement. South sea pearls have the densest average nacre, too.

Less than 20 percent of south sea pearls are round. Their main types are white and golden, but the color may still vary following the lighting. Thanks to the pearl's unusual structure!

The Right Pearl Earrings for Day-to-Day Wear
If you need a pair of pearl earring for everyday wear, the elegant and pure white pearl earrings studs can be an excellent pick. Make sure it is not too big for your ears to avoid discomfort or potential ear injury. Button-shaped earrings are fabulous for those who want to achieve a bolder look.

The Right Pear Earrings for Office Work!
Often, women wear pearls to improve their look at the office, and pearl earrings are no exception. You can go for classic white beads or Akoya pearl earrings for a reliable and higher level quality of luster. The drop white pearls are ideal if you only want to have a casual look at the office.

So as you see, pearl earrings have tons of benefits as to why they should not be overlooked. And in the coming years, expect more and more collections to bombard you.

Who can resist the beauty of pearl earrings? I'm sure no one! With so many options available, you'll never leave behind. You can wear them correctly and stunningly regardless of the occasion or event you need to attend to.

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