How to Look Stunning When You Attend Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days not only for the bride and the groom, but also their parents, friends, relatives, and other attendants. Whether it’s your friend’s, relative’s, or colleagues wedding you’re attending how you look for the occasion will matter a great deal. This basically cuts across how you dress; the hairstyle you rock, grooming, and the makeup you put on. And needless to say, it’s important to look good at a wedding reception as well as the after-party event. You don’t want to embarrass your friends, yourself, the reception, and the newlyweds by looking cheap and shabby. The event will also be more memorable for you if you look sharp and stunning.

This having been said, here are some pointers on how to look stunning when attending a wedding.

Be Prepared To Spend

To achieve the best look when attending a wedding, you’ll want to set aside a considerable amount of money. This is especially the case when attending the wedding where one or both the individuals tying the knot matter a lot to you. Unless in rare cases when you’re one of the bridesmaids, the look you rock to the wedding party or reception will be out of your pocket. You don’t want to achieve a look that will force you to avoid engaging with other attendants so be prepared to spend.

Choose a Good Outfit for the Occasion

To look stunning at a wedding, you have to dress for the occasion; there’s no bargain about that! Obviously, you can’t come dressed like you’re going to the gym. You can’t rock in your yoga pants, nightdress, or casual weekend outfit either and expect to be on edge. Be careful when picking the colors too. 

As a matter of fact, experts recommend avoiding outfits that are the same colors as those of the bride and the groom. This means that you have to do your homework beforehand. Consider finding out the theme of the wedding early and avoid picking outfits with too many patterns. For the ladies, long, colorful dresses tend to be the best as they’re less revealing and not formal at the same time. Nonetheless, the dress’ design, as well as its quality matter too.

Choose a Matching Shoe

You can never look stunning at a wedding in a long dress with very long boots down low. You can put on some high heels or fancy flats but just ensure that your shoes match well with your outfit. Additionally, weddings can take as long as they can, so choose a shoe that not only matches your outfit but is also comfortable to wear for the entire day.

Your Hairstyle Is Important

Whether you’re rocking some weave or you’re keeping it simple with your short or long natural hair, it makes a huge impact on your look at a wedding. There’s no point in dressing your best and applying all the makeup you have time for, only to appear with frizzy, broken hair that appears unkempt. 

Make a point of visiting a salon or barber shop at least a few days before the day and get your groom on in the morning before making your appearance at the wedding. You can even cover your hair with some fancy hijab-like headscarf and still look stunning.

Makeup Is a Must

Even if you don’t like wearing it, makeup can boost your edge a dozen gazillion ways when attending a wedding. Forgive the fluff, but there are so many ways you can wear makeup. The simplest way is to apply a good face primer, blush your cheeks, and tend to your eyes with quality mascara. Remember to trim your eyebrows too and without overdoing it, apply some eyeliner. And don’t forget to apply lipstick that preferably matches with your outfit or shoes.

The above tips can absolutely get you looking stunning when attending a wedding. Additionally, picking accessories that match your outfit will up your game a notch higher. In case it’s your son’s or daughter’s wedding and you’d like some inspiration on picking the right dress for the wedding, can be a great place to look. They’ve got many collections of other events outfits as well so feel free to explore the online store.

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