7 Reasons Why Malta is a Top Travel Destination

Malta is a small archipelago nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, directly between the north African coast and Sicily. From beautiful beaches to a population rich in culture, Malta has a lot to offer for such a small country.

[ Photo: Malta Tourist Visitor Center ] 

You may not have considered Malta to be your next travel destination, but there are a number of reasons why a holiday in Malta is right at the top of many European travellers lists.

1. Take a trip to the Blue Lagoon
One of the biggest draws that Malta has to offer is access to the stunning Mediterranean Sea. A large part of your Malta holiday is going to involve relaxing on the beach and soaking up the rays. Located between the island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto is the Blue Lagoon. These waters are amazingly turquoise and clear, and the sand is perfect and white. Here, you can experience snorkeling and swim in these crystal clear waters and relax in these stunning surroundings.

2. Visit the Temple of Ggantija
Malta’s sister island is Gozo and reflects much of what Malta used to be like before the population grew. Peaceful and quiet, Gozo is home to a number of interesting sites such as the temples of Ggantija, a megalithic temple which is older than the pyramids of Egypt. Dating back to the Neolithic era, these temples are elements of a ceremonial site, which was built for the purpose of performing fertility rites in ancient times. This temple still stands today and open to the public.

3. Experience the food and drink
Malta is absolutely famous for the abundance of pastries, pizza, and pasta, which you will find just about everywhere on your travels. In fact, Malta has its very own specialty: pastizzi. Pastizzi is a small savory pastry with a hot filling consisting most often of ricotta cheese and peas. Malta also has its very own soda called Kinnie, though you might find that this is an acquired taste and not as easy to like as pastizzi. Kinnie is a bittersweet soda made from oranges and extracts of wormwood. Travelling is all about trying new things, so make sure Kinnie is on your list!

4. Savor in the rich history
Travelling to Malta, you’ll notice that there is evidence of the country’s rich history everywhere you turn. From the monolithic temples dating back to 5000 BC right through to modern history, Malta still bears the marks of historical events. During World War II, Malta was the most bombed country in the world. In fact, over 14,000 bombs were dropped in total. In Malta, you’ll find air-raid shelters and bunkers, and you can also visit museums to commemorate the events.

5. English is an official language
Travelling can be really tough on some people, especially if there is a language barrier. English is actually Malta’s second official language, having been part of the British empire for approximately 160 years. Therefore, your trip to Malta will be easy and you’ll be able to communicate everywhere you go. The people of Malta will also speak Maltese but you’ll have no trouble making your way around the beautiful nation.

6. Maltese people are extremely hospitable
Maltese people are amongst the most hospitable people in the world. They are extremely generous and kind-hearted, and they hold a lot of respect for what tourism does for their economy. Should you have any needs in Malta, the Maltese people are highly accommodating and will help you with anything you need, be it directions or assistance. You can also experience the friendly rivalry that Maltese villages maintain, and between April and September, there are lots of village feasts with fireworks and entertainment for you to experience.

7. Join a tour to get the most complete experience
If you love travelling but experience some anxiety when it comes to travelling alone or making your way around a new place, then be assured that you can join a tour in Malta in order to experience the small country safely and easily. There are a number of tours that operate across Malta, and you can choose to focus on day trips to visit the numerous temples scattered across the land, or you can tour the museum and attractions that showcase Malta’s rich history. Either way, given the size of the island, you are always within reach of everything that you want to see.

Planning your next holiday doesn’t need to be difficult if you consider all the things that Malta has to offer. There are many destinations in the Mediterranean that you could visit, but Malta has a little bit of everything to offer and therefore will give you a rich and diverse holiday experience. The people of Malta will ensure that your holiday is full of delicious food, great beaches and that you’ll never want to leave.

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