Avoid Coworking Calamities: A Guide To Working In Coworking Spaces

The coworking space is a great opportunity for professionals to meet and engage with each other in an informal working environment. For Malaysians, a community whose business relationships are built on family relationships and friendships, the coworking space is an appropriate fit for professionals desiring to raise the profile of their business. More importantly, the coworking space gives your business the chance to grow in a nurturing environment.

However, to grow and to benefit from these spaces, coworkers have to engender respect for members in the community. Furthermore, because your typical coworking community places professionals in close proximity to each other, it is very easy to traverse boundaries, and unfortunately, make office faux pas. Worse yet, the coworking community is supposed to build collaboration and networking opportunities, but this is difficult when coworking mates avoid your company.

Keep reading to learn a couple of coworking space etiquette tips so you can avoid any potential office drama.

Avoid Screen-Spying

The proximity in which many coworking professionals work is so close that you could easily find yourself close enough to see the computer screens of those around you. Take a look at how close the seating is in one office to get an idea how easy it might be to peer into other’s computer screens by clicking on the following link http://www.servcorp.com.my/en/coworking/. Avoid screen spying, even when you are most tempted to peek.

Avoid Office Politics And Gossip

There are a lot of hot topics in the news for Malaysians right now. Singapore is apparently looking at expanding business into the country, and China is currently in talks with Malaysia related to a number of subjects. Talking about the general state of the country, or the world for that matter is okay.

However, gossiping about other people’s personal lives can make it very uncomfortable for you and others in the workspace. In an office that doubles as a community, you do not want to lose face if someone you would like to collaborate with has heard you have said unkind things about them. The point is unkind remarks directed at members of the coworking space can hinder any networking efforts you might make in the community.

Avoid Major Distractions

While the coworking community does promote and value social interaction, it can also be a hindrance as well. People will naturally engage with each other throughout the day in discussion, and a discussion between two people might not bother anyone. However, hot desks are hubs for socialising and conversations can become very loud and disruptive to the entire coworking community.

As a good measure, if you find the conversation lasting more than ten minutes, consider finding an appropriate place in the space to finish your discussion. Caf├ęs and lounges are probably better places to hold the types of conversations that are engaging, but if held in the wrong place these conversations might be distracting to others.

Avoid Territorialism

Everyone will have their favourite spot to work in the space. Yours might be near a window that looks out onto a garden or in a more well-lit part of the space. When that space is available, you are in workplace heaven, but conversely, if the space is occupied, it completely changes your mood. If you avoid this kind of territorialism, you’ll be more flexible and able to work from any spot in the coworking space.

Setting The Tone Of Your Coworking Space

By establishing and respecting other people’s boundaries in the workspace, coworking can introduce you to the types of relationships that build growth. Furthermore, by respectingthe working environment, you contribute to a space that is both productive but also social. In the end, the connections you make in your coworking space in Malaysia will be in part because of your considerations of others.

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