Careful Commerce: 5 Tips to Keep Your Workplace Secure

Today’s workplace is an exciting one thanks to significant advancements in technology that make operating a business much more efficient and convenient. With all these advancements, however, comes an elevated need for enhanced security measures. A secure workplace offers many benefits that go beyond just simple protection. When your business is physically secure, your staff feel more comfortable, there’s less risk of robbery or property damage, and in some cases, your insurance premiums go down.

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Now that you know how critical workplace security is, let’s rekey existing locks and take a look at some of the ways you can ensure yours is as secure as it can be.

1. Install Smart Locks
If you’ve only known of keyed locks up to this point, it’s time to expand your horizons. Today’s smart locks are the way of the future and a must for any size business.

Smart locks allow for keyless entry into your business. They connect with your smartphone to alert you of the comings and goings of staff and customers right down to which entrance they use. The highlight of using smart locks for your business, however, is the ability to assign access codes for specific purposes, go here for locksmiths in Las Vegas.

Let’s say you’re having some remodeling work done in your office. You can assign an access code to the contractor that expires and refuses access once the job is complete. In many instances, you can even control your office’s lights and alarm system using the smart lock app.

2. Monitored Alarm Systems
It may seem like an added expense, especially if you’re a small business operating on a tight budget, but just one instance of vandalism, theft, or fire can devastate your organisation. With a monitored alarm system in place, you reduce the risk of robbery and vandalism significantly, and should fire break out, the alarm company can notify the fire department quickly to save your investment.

3. Add Video Surveillance
While you’ll never convince all unsavory types to walk the other way, adding video cameras in strategic locations can deter even the most determined bad guys. Entry points, parking lots, and walkways are all excellent mounting points for video cameras in and around the office. For a truly secure workplace, consider opting for features like night vision, infrared, motion-sensing, and remote access via your smartphone.

4. Spring for Good Lighting
There’s nothing a thief loves more than a dark, shadowy environment in which to conduct his unsavory deeds. Good lighting, both during office hours and after, deters would-be criminals by eliminating hiding places.

By making sure your workplace is lit well, you give your staff peace of mind, and you make your building less of a target. Don’t think of it as an added expense on your electric bill. Think of it as an investment in your company and its future.

5. Train Employees for Security
It’s essential your employees know how to react in a security crisis. From fire evacuation to a theft in the office, making sure everyone is prepared and knows how to respond is key to ensuring your team’s safety. Having a security plan in place ups the security of your office dramatically.

Workplace security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. From ensuring the safety of your employees to reducing the risk of robbery or property damage, it’s vital to pay close attention to the physical security of your company’s premises. Follow the five tips above to make sure your workplace is as secure as it can possibly be.

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