10 Safety Principles You Should Never Forget About Firearm

You obviously have good reasons for owning a gun but with that decision comes a set of responsibilities which should never be overlooked for the sake of safety.  

10 Safety Principles You Should Never Forget About Firearm
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It often starts when you get your license and maybe book yourself in for an official LTC online course, where a lot of the major gun safety principles will be covered so that you can use your gun with confidence. Here’s an overview of those crucial gun safety principles.

Always think about where you are pointing your gun

The golden rule of gun safety has to be about ensuring that you never point a gun at any person in normal circumstances, even if you believe that is not loaded.

Your mindset should be to point the muzzle in a neutral and safe direction and have control of the muzzle even if you happen to lose your footing or stumble in some way.

Always assume it is loaded

A good default position is to make the assumption that the gun you are handling is loaded, even when you are certain that it is not.

If you treat every gun you handle as though it was ready to fire that will allow you to take a safety-first approach every time.

Be sure of your intentions

Another golden rule is to never point a gun at anything that you do not intend to harm or destroy.

Focus on your target

When you are ready to take a shot with your gun it is essential that you have a good level of awareness of your target and the surrounding area beyond it.

Safe target practice

This level of awareness definitely applies to shooting practice, and when you are carrying out target practice, you need to be sure that the backstop is solid enough and high enough to contain the bullets being fired. There are many sites you can check out for safety procedures and practices, we came across the Best Appendix Carry Holster reviewed with the insightful information and details. 

Safe handling

If you are handing your gun to another person you must first check that the gun is open and unloaded before giving it to them.  Bringing your alien gear holster with you gives you and the people around you extra protection. It is critical for gun safety, especially if you carry it frequently.

Caution when hunting

Far too many hunting accidents are preventable which is why you need basic safety measures in place.

You must unload and open your gun before traversing over an object like a fence in order to avoid a potential accident.

Identification of your target

Another golden rule that applies to hunting is the need to be able to properly identify your game target before you make the decision to pull the trigger.

Be wary of water

Another classic gun safety scenario that you need to be fully aware of is the danger attached to shooting over open water.

Bullets have the capacity to glance off the water and that makes their direction unpredictable at this point. Always use birdshot in open water conditions.

Avoid alcohol

Last but not least, it is absolutely essential that you are disciplined enough to always follow the mantra that alcohol and firearms are terrible and potentially fatal combination.

You are the person who has ultimate responsibility for your safety and the safety of others which is why you always need to abide by this simple but essential safety principles.

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