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“Flowers always make people feel better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.” - Luther Burbank. Food for the soul. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, flowers always exert a certain emotion in ourselves. The act of flower gifting has been around for so many years. Grander flower bouquets, continually evolving trends of beautifully intricate flowers, better arrangements, but the one thing that stays consistent is the way it makes people feel. Flowers will always bring a smile, no matter what.

Fav Florist ReviewFav Florist is one of the top flower delivery Singapore services and online florist Singapore. Their promise of creating, sending and gifting beautifully made flower bouquets to their customers have gone beyond just an everyday florist shop. Instead, they want to be the stepping stone to creating a lifetime of beautiful moments through the act of flower gifting. Each customer receiving the flowers should feel loved and appreciated, and they believe that flower bouquets are an excellent sentiment and the way to go.

Flowers For All Occasions

Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary, Mother’s Day, graduation, or a birthday celebration, Fav Florist offers flowers for all different types of occasions. You may find yourself lost as to which flower suits the occasion best, and Fav Florist has made the process easier for you. 

They’ve specifically selected different flower types for different occasions so you don’t have to go out of your way to research which one’s best. You can just head to their website and you can find the pre-selected bouquets depending on what you’re celebrating. They offer a wide range of options and all you have to do is select which looks the most pleasing to you!

Affordable and Competitive Prices

Fav Florist has managed to keep their prices affordable and competitive among the current market and is striving to be the cheapest florist in Singapore. Ensuring that customers get the most bang for their buck, they want to make the flower gifting experience a heartwarming yet inexpensive one. They offer under $45 bouquet options for those who are a little tight on budget. 

Despite the small price tag, the flowers are effortlessly beautiful with an abundant amount of options to choose from. If you’re looking for cheap and gorgeous designs, you can always check out the “Below $$45” section on their website. Yu’ll definitely find something you’re looking for.

Ethically Sourced and Fresh Flowers

Fav Florist prides themselves in only using fresh, succulent flowers that are air-flown daily for all their crafted bouquets to ensure top premium quality and freshness. They are also free from pesticides and are organically grown. Receiving withering flowers may be a big turn-off for many and fortunately, you won’t have to go through that disappointment purchasing from Fav Florist. Their flowers are ethically sourced and they take extreme measures to make sure that they condition and cure the flowers in order for them to last as long as possible so that you can appreciate the flower’s beauty for the maximum period.

Premium XL Bouquets  

Great for weddings and proposals, their Premium XL Bouquets are also available for purchase. Essentially, they are grand bouquet options that use a mixture of different flowers, filler greens and other appropriate filler flowers. Plush flowers like the delicate hydrangeas and kenya roses are some of the options you can pick from. It’s the perfect bouquet for special occasions and celebrations for your loved ones and we’re sure they’ll appreciate this grand gesture.

Flower Domes  

Preserved Flower Domes are also an available option for those who prefer preserved flowers. Flower Domes are great because they are meaningful, eco-friendly gifts that can last a lifetime for all to enjoy the beauty of flowers. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for a special gift, whether it’s for yourself, a loved one or a client you’re looking to impress (and that, it will definitely do). The fact that there’s no need for maintenance or flower replacement makes it a hassle-free gift and it stays beautiful and long lasting no matter what. Handcrafted with preserved flowers and LED lights to accentuate their beauty, these flower domes make for a great display piece to brighten up any room.

Our personal favorite would definitely have to be the ‘Illuminate Preserved Flower Dome.’ This yellow and silver themed flower dome combines the beauty of a rose and delicate-ness of a feature to produce a timeless piece that is rustic and alluring. It’s definitely a conversation starter in the house and has been the envy of many for those who visit. If you’re interested in getting a flower dome, Fav Florist boasts a wide variety of preserved flowers and colors to choose from that would match the theme of any room/home.

Add Ons

Besides flower bouquets, if you’re looking for something extra, they also offer add ons of cakes and balloons. You can select balloons with customizable messages to suit the occasion of your celebration that makes for a wonderful gift. Some examples would be a gender reveal balloon or a simple “Happy Birthday” wish on it. You can also choose to get a cake on top of the flower bouquets for anyone that is looking to add a sweet treat to share. Cakes are available as add ons from their sister company, Whyzee Cake Delivery. Depending on your specific tastes, they have cakes available in many different flavours: chocolate, durian, mango, cheesecake and so much more! 

Flower Bundles

To make it more convenient, Fav Florist also offers flower bundles where you get a combination of different gifts alongside your flower bouquets. You can choose from a range of flower domes, balloons, and cakes. They offer 4 different types of bundles to choose from.

1. Cake and Flower Bundle

For all the sweet treat lovers, this one’s for you. Available in many different bouquets and flower bouquets to choose from, they’ve specifically matched the aesthetics (color combinations, different sized cakes and flavours) to suit the occasion.

2. Cake and Flower Dome Bundle

For those who are interested in the flower domes, you can also add on a cake to it which makes for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The cake is so good that it would be gone almost immediately but at least you can appreciate the beauty of the flower dome for the longest possible time.

3. Cake and Balloon Bundle

If you think flowers are a hassle to upkeep and are looking for more of a generic gift, Fav Florist also offers cake and balloon bundles where you can select from a wide variety of cakes and customizable balloons fit for the occasion.

4. Cake Flower and Balloon Mega Bundle

Feel like going all out and are looking for a grander option, they also offer a 3-in-1 option inclusive of a cake, flower bouquet, and balloon bundle. Mix and match according to your preference and the receiver of your gift is definitely going to be wowed by your thoughtful gift.

Check out their website for all things beautiful here

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