Five Health Benefits of A Vegan Diet

The number of people moving to a vegan-based lifestyle has been on the rise in the recent past. Given the massive health benefits, we can understand why anyone would want to be part of this lifestyle choice. A vegan diet not only offers healthier food options, but also is beneficial to people who are concerned about animal welfare as well as those looking to protect the environment. The good news is that you can now order vegan meals from tuk tuk market online.

Five Health Benefits of A Vegan Diet, Vegan Diet, Vegan, Diet, Health
 Five Health Benefits of A Vegan Diet
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However, a poorly planned vegan diet can result in some nutrient deficiency such as Vitamin b12, calcium, essential fatty acids, and zinc. Despite this, a well-planned vegan diet has shown to have great health benefits including providing the body with vital nutrients, lowering the blood sugar levels, improving kidney function, aiding in weight loss, lowering the risk of heart disease, and protecting against some cancers.

While the vegan-based lifestyle may seem like a walk in the part for many, these foods may not be readily available for many. For instance, we find that most takeaways do not have varieties of plant-based food options. To avoid monotony, making your own may be the best option. Also, there are countless vegan recipe boxes that you can get now. They incorporate healthy and readily available ingredients and are also easy to prepare. 

In this article, we will look at some health benefits of the vegan diet that you can coup from this lifestyle.

A vegan diet is richer in certain essential nutrients

Research has found that a well-planned vegan diet can offer the body all essential nutrients required by the body to people of any age group. Vegan diets are high in antioxidants, fiber, folate, potassium, and Vitamins A, C and E.  

Dietary fiber, a non-digestible carbohydrate is only found in plants. Vegans can help gain the benefits by incorporating foods rich in dietary fiber in their diets such as broccoli, apples, oats, quinoa, carrots, lentils, beans, and tofu, just to mention a few.

For starters, a vegan diet provides the body with protein, which is an important component of the human body. Vital organs including the skin, muscles, and bones need protein to be healthy. Vegans can get proteins from seeds, grains, nuts, and legumes as well as non-animal products such as soymilk and tofu whereby a complete protein should contain all the nine amino acids.

With many plants having a high iron content, a vegan diet has been found to provide the body with enough iron content, which is essential in the production of red blood cells. Vegan foods such as broccoli, tofu, beans, and raisins are good sources of iron. To help in the absorption, be sure to include foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges. 

It promotes better heart health

The vegan diet has been proven to protect and manage heart diseases, with many people jumping onto the diet to manage the illness.

This can be attributed to the presence of less saturated fats in plant-based meals. Some plant-based products such as palm oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil, however, have saturated fats. As such, care should be taken when incorporating these oils into the diet as they have can have detrimental effects on heart health.

Also, plant-based diets do not have cholesterol, which is a major cause of heart disease as well as other conditions such as stroke. One way of reducing the circulation of cholesterol in the body is by consuming foods rich in fibre and the vegan diet offers exactly that.

Lowers the risk of cancers

The role of plant-based diets in the prevention of cancer has been extensively studied. According to the World Health Organization, some forms of cancers can be prevented by factors within our control such as diet.

For instance, consuming about seven portions of vegetables and fresh fruits lowers the risk of cancers by 15%. Also, legumes have been proven to lower the risk of contracting some cancers by 9-18%. Research has also shown that soy products protect from breast cancer. 

By avoiding some animal products such as meat and dairy, vegans reduce the chances of getting colon, prostate, and breast cancers.

Aids in weight loss

Obesity is among the major causes of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and breathing problems, and Osteoarthritis.

With a vegan lifestyle, these lifestyle diseases, and conditions can be prevented. Vegan diets are higher in fiber which is key for weight loss as it keeps the body satiated for longer hence preventing unnecessary eating. It also helps to keep cholesterol levels low and regulate blood pressure. Increasing your intake of plant-based foods that are low in calories including beets can have a huge impact on your well-being as they help achieve and maintain a healthy weight while also providing the body with essential nutrients.

Vegan diets are also lower in saturated fats which are associated with a higher risk of cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and overall mortality.

Even if weight loss is not among your goal in your vegan lifestyle, it will help you manage a healthy weight and prevent lifestyle diseases, hence improving your quality of life. 

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