How to Redo Your Kitchen on a Budget?

Being stuck indoors for a large part of the year has, quite rightly, made some of us itch for a change. The kitchen is often the focal part of the house, and you may have been spending a lot more time there in recent months. It might be time for a change. So, how to redo your kitchen yourself and on a budget? Read on!

How to Redo Your Kitchen on a Budget?
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Doing it alone! 

One of the best ways to save money in a kitchen redo is by doing it alone. That's right; there are a number of things that you don't actually need a handyman to do for you. However, if you do intend on a bit of a remodel, moving your washing machine, for instance, getting in a plumber from Brighthouse is definitely the way to go. 

Color change! 

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen an upgrade is to change up the color. You can change a drab, old-school-style kitchen into something a little more modern and funky. And all it takes is a lick of paint. Check out bright colors such as orange for a warmer feel, or go for black and white if you're into a clean monochrome style. 

Get upcycling! 

Another way to make your kitchen fresh and different is to start upcycling. Take some of your old garden furniture, old utensils, or any wooden items and make them into new storage hangers for your current kitchen gadgets. Not only will you be using old items, but creating more space in your kitchen as well. An added bonus, it will look modernized. 

Hiding the fridge

While more modern fridges are often quite nice to look at, some of the older models are not. If you've got one of the more clunkier models, often a rather bland, dirty white, then there's a way to make this look a whole lot better. And all you need to do is add some fun wallpaper to the front, and the whole feel has changed. 

A once over on the worktops 

Worktops are where everything happens, and, as such, they can actually get a bit scuffed, battered, and bruised. They can also get stained and look old. But replacing an entire worktop can be expensive. If you've got a good base, just grab some fun draw liner or waterproof wallpaper and cover up the work surface, creating an entirely new look and feel to your kitchen just got easy. 

Change those tiles 

Most kitchens have tiles either on the floor or on the walls. Both of these areas can be completely redone, but not even for too much. Take a look at your splashback, for instance. All you need to do is buy tile stickers, and you can spruce up that area with very little effort. Just make sure you line up the sticker with the tiles properly.

Similarly, the floor can also have a makeover. If you've got lino, why not rip it up and check the floorboards. If they're in good shape, just painting them with some fun patterns can be a huge improvement. Sticky back tiles can also be laid on the floor with very little effort on your end, plus they're cheap and look like a whole new room.

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