Mike Giannulis Shares Ways to Manage Your Business Unit or Office in a Post-Pandemic World

The global pandemic crisis has changed the way Americans and others work currently. Recently, with partial lockdowns as well, most offices are resorting to a remote work structure. Even in a post-pandemic world, this can still be a norm. According to Gartner's research, close to 74% of the business leaders and CFOs think that about 5% of the employees might want to work from home permanently.

Mike Giannulis Ways to Manage Your Business Unit Office in a Post-Pandemic World, Mike Giannulis, Manage Your Business, Post-Pandemic World, Lifestyle
Mike Giannulis Shares Ways to Manage Your Business Unit or Office in a Post-Pandemic World

Mike Giannulis shares on how to manage things in the future

Currently, digital tools' proliferation allows workforces to remain connected with customers, management, and other members worldwide. The teams had to adjust it for months and want to use it in the long run. Hence, with this in mind, Mike Giannulis provides easy steps to manage your business in a post-pandemic world.

1. Remote collaboration

Today, there are advanced tools for remote collaboration that enables businesses to visualize the workflow using accessible dashboards. It helps them break the big-scale projects to simple steps with essential lists and share projects with clients through an easy invitation link. These tools also provide features that help in instant messaging to discuss projects in real-time and manage tasks through multiple filters. The devices also offer API, that allows the users to generate scripts and incorporate preferred apps. They can also upload files from Google Drive for quick sharing.

2. Manage virtual task management

Companies should opt-in for a task management tool that will help the teams manage tasks from the start to the end phase. The devices provide an easy drag-and-drop feature that allows them to manage the tasks visually and fast. It also helps with assignments that happen on the move. The tools can also get customized to cater to various business requirements, integrating features that get designed for time tracking, automation, and another enterprise usage. Also, the interface receives streamlined and is clutter-free, with a vast customization choice. The report and statistics provide in-depth insights into employee productivity. It helps them to recognize enhancement scopes and work with new users as well.

3. Adopt the cloud-oriented phone systems

Since the lockdown, most companies have been using Zoom, but the app can't substitute the office phone system. As employees work from home, they require an office phone. Today, you can opt-in for the cloud-based phone tools and apps that can help in team meetings, from any device. Usually, a cloud-based phone system is compatible with office phones, laptops, Smartphones, and tablet devices. Ease is an essential advantage for employees to connect with their colleagues to speak about work.  These systems help employees use virtual voicemail tools and come with a transport layer security that allows them to encrypt most communications.

4. Use cloud technologies to work together

If you are still using Microsoft Word, you need to upgrade to Google Docs, an excellent tool. It showcases several presentations and formatting choices for aligning the documents with branding styles.

Currently, organizations need to adopt digital ways of working that will help to streamline work even after the pandemic is over. Every organization has its requirements that they need to assess and manage using online tools.

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