The Health Benefits of Biltong

Although dried meat can be regarded as a recent addition regarding snack ideas, meat preservation is something carried out for hundreds of years. Biltong was popular among the European settlers in South Africa during the 17th century.

Biltong is often compared to jerky, but there are differences that set them apart. One the difference is that jerky is marinated in spices as is dried out straight away, whereas biltong uses vinegar, salt and simple spices before the drying process is started.

Biltong is considered more favourable and contains a higher fat count, meaning that jerky is drier than biltong. Although both are delicious, jerky and biltong offer vastly different taste experiences.

As well as being a delicious snack, there are also a wide range of health benefits associated with biltong, which includes the following.

Biltong is Packed with Protein

When working out its normal to rely on sports drinks and energy bars to get the protein we need following a workout, but consuming biltong could be delicious and more a cost-effective way of obtaining protein.

If your workout the schedule is designed to increase muscle mass, then you will be glad to hear that each 25-gram serving of biltong equates to 50% of a person’s daily intake.

Biltong is Naturally Gluten-Free

Searching for snacks that are both gluten-free and delicious can be problematic at times. Fortunately, biltong is one of the rare snacks that caters to those who are allergic to gluten, as well as being able to enjoy several other benefits associated with biltong.

Biltong is Low in Fat

Even though biltong has a higher fat content than jerky, this does not mean that the dried snack cannot be enjoyed by those on a health kick. There is only a 3% fat content with each 25-gram serving of biltong.

This in conjunction with the other health benefits associated with biltong offers a snack that can be enjoyed without a feeling of guilt afterwards.

Biltong Can Be Stored Easily

Although biltong is a snack that can be enjoyed in front of the television, it is also a snack that can be stored easily. This makes it the ideal substitute for protein bars and is just as effective for those going on long walks or hiking.

Of course, there are those that may just want to stock up on a snack that is healthy and delicious, and the long shelf life of biltong means this is not an issue.

Experiment with New Tastes

Companies like Ember Biltong showcase just how delicious biltong can be, but this does not mean that there is room for experimentation. Those that enjoy the delicious taste of biltong and the rich aroma of coffee will want to blend the two.

For example, the simple addition of coffee beans and cocoa come together to create beautiful biltong that will be a popular addition to any variety of snacks. Once you have started experimenting with different combinations, you will wonder how you managed without biltong in your life.

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