Dr. Clo Sterilisation Devices & Disinfectant Sticks

Following a series of stringent virucidal tests against the Covid-19 virus over a span of seven days, the Dr. Clo stick solution – an innovation from South Korea’s NON Corporation - was found to achieve more than 99.93% virus reduction rate in treatment times ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes.

Dr. Clo Sterilisation Devices & Disinfectant Sticks, Dr. Clo,  Sterilisation Devices, Dr Clo Disinfectant Sticks, NON Corporation Ltd, Lifestyle
Ng Lyp Hau, Director of Dr. Clo Malaysia with the certificate which proves that Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks are capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of Covid-19 virus by reputable South Korean authorities

Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks are now certified by reputable South Korean authorities as capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of Covid-19 virus. This multi-purpose patented portable sterilisation unit is a non-medical device, it is designed to provide airborne protection; creating a shield against bacteria and viruses. Each single-use stick can last up to 50 days. 

Dr. Clo Sterilisation Devices & Disinfectant Sticks, Dr. Clo,  Sterilisation Devices, Dr Clo Disinfectant Sticks, NON Corporation Ltd, Lifestyle
Peter Davis, Celebrity influencer showing different variants of Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks which sterilises, disinfects and deodorises living spaces

Announcing this breakthrough at a cross-border virtual media event today; Leela Lee, Executive Director, NON Corporation Ltd in South Korea said the laboratory tests were conducted by KR Biotech Co. Ltd under the Institute of Infectious Disease Control of Konkuk University.

 “This ground-breaking discovery is a significant milestone as it helps confirm the efficacy of Dr. Clo’s disinfectant sticks for use in homes, offices and in other spaces such as healthcare facilities,” Lee added. 

The unit is the only liquid-based Chlorine Dioxide product in the world registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Chlorine dioxide acts as a key agent to sterilise, sanitise and eliminate viruses and pathogens in a matter of seconds.

Following heightened health and safety concerns both locally and globally due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Dr. Clo Malaysia is embarking on their inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in Malaysia in combatting the pandemic. It will be donating 4000 Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks worth more than RM250,000 to Sabah State Health Department and other frontliners.

For celebrity influencer Peter Davis, a talented martial artist and actor; he is serious about creating a clean and safe home for his family. He said that under the new normal, Dr. Clo is a must-have for his car and in every room and bathroom in his condominium. Dr. Clo certainly complements his active, healthy lifestyle as a professional athlete.

Speaking at the event, Davis said: “This pandemic is a wake-up call for everyone. I am already a bit of a germaphobe and make sure my hands are clean all the time. But now I'm more acutely aware and conscious of the need to sterilise, disinfect and deodorise air in living spaces within my home and in my car. 

The carcinogen-free, all-in-one solution, which contains non-toxic material puts me at great ease too knowing that it is safe for everyone and harmless especially to my kids. And of course, it helps that it’s both odourless and an easy-to-use device!”

Customized for use in various aspects of modern lifestyles, the product which has achieved sales of 1.5 million units across Asia in 2019, made its Malaysian debut in June this year.  The product, after being widely tested in South Korea and Japan, is registered a safe product for use in general living spaces.

The entire range of Dr. Clo’s Sterilisation Devices can be purchased on the shelves of selected pharmacies and via e-commerce platforms. For more information on Dr. Clo’s Devices, visit the website: www.drclo.com.my

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